Arc8 — What We Did in 2022 to get a 4.9 Star Play Store Rating

Great updates, community focus, solid game releases and epic partnerships — here’s how 2022 played out

3 min readJan 3, 2023

Blockchain gaming is brimming with potential. In 2022, via our app Arc8, we have been able to showcase some of the incredible features and capabilities of Web3, making Arc8 one of the highest-rated blockchain gaming platforms.

Let’s take a look back at the most exciting and innovative features, releases and partnerships of 2022. And if you haven’t played it yet, click here and give it a try on iOS or Android.

The Numbers

  • Gameplays: 100 million
  • New players: 650 thousand
  • GMEE rewards: 13 million
  • GMEE spent on G-Bot functionalities: 1.3 million
  • Hours spent playing: 2.96 million (338 years!)
Most popular Arc8 games of 2022

Token Takeovers

First introduced in July, these sponsored events allow players to earn more than just the native GMEE token. Here are all the tokens that Arc8 players have been able to compete for this year, including our largest partnership with QUIDD, who supplied $30,000 in tokens:

New Games

Arc8 would be nothing without its selection of high-quality games. Here are the latest additions in 2022:

  • Energy Wars — an electric tile-based puzzle exclusive to G-Bot owners
  • Dark Lords — a spaceship shooter exclusive to G-Bot owners
  • Hoop Shot — a fast-paced dunking challenge
  • Qube 2048 — action with blasting number cubes — our most popular game!
  • Cool Cats Combinations — a hexa-based puzzle in collaboration with Cool Cats
  • Run! — a maze runner packed with creepy ghouls and hidden loot
  • Karate Kido — a pole-chopping frenzy that requires fast fingers

The G-Bot Metaverse

What began with pack opening in January is now a fully-fledged metaverse of functional gaming NFTs. Here’s what has happened in the world of Arc8’s native NFTs:

New Utilities:

  • Upgrading: Players can upgrade their G-Bot’s 9 stats however they want
  • Breeding: Combining 2–5 G-Bots creates a whole new Baby Bot
  • Evolving: Baby Bots become fully functional adult G-Bots
  • OMP (Omega Particles): The new token which fuels these functionalities

New Designs:

  • Competition: G-Bot design contest to create a brand new limited-edition G-Bot
  • G-Bot Starters: G-Bots themed with Arc8 games and partner brands, including Cool Cats, Atari and The Crypto Prophecies

New Ways to Earn:

  • 1v1 matches
  • Rarity-based tournaments
  • G-Bot staking event
  • 24-hour Master Tournaments

So many new features, tweaks and updates came to Arc8 in 2022 that it would be impossible to list them all. So here are some of the big ones!

  • Seasons — Arc8 is now made up of seasons of around 2 months, each of which brings new games, tournaments, partners and updates
  • Dynamic Prize Pools — tournament prize pools increase as more players join
  • Group matches — rapid tournaments with a limited number of entrants
  • Competitions — each season brings its own unique tournaments. Players have won signed Man City shirts, Cool Cats swag, partner NFTs, G-Bot Starters and tens of thousands of dollars worth of partner tokens!
  • Weekly Draw — random giveaways to players who have collected tickets by playing. The tickets never expire, so even more casual players have the chance to eventually qualify for the draw.

And that’s a wrap! 2023 is going to be even better, so follow us on Medium for all the latest updates, features and competitions coming to Arc8 this year.

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