Arc8: What’s Coming Up in Season 7?

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Thousands of dollars in tokens and other fantastic rewards await players in an action-packed season of partnerships!

Welcome to Arc8 Season 7!

Welcome to a season packed with Takeovers, competitions and NFT whitelist opportunities! The Arc8 pre-season will be live on your devices from February 1st at 1pm UTC for you to hone your gaming skills and prepare for a season filled with events.

Before we get to the partnerships, special tournaments and prize pools of Season 7, let’s look back at what went down in Season 6.

Season 6 Events:

Here’s a map of the Season 6 journey:

Season 7 — What’s Coming Up?

Pre-Season: Feb 1st-8th
Main Season: Feb 8th-April 4th

Prize Pools

This Season’s GMEE prize pool is once again a massive 4,500,000 GMEE.
Here’s how it’s split:

  • 375,000 GMEE in the Season Leaderboard
  • Up to 1,000,000 GMEE in dynamic prize pool tournaments
  • 2,000,000 GMEE in G-Bot tournaments (+ 230,000 OMP)
  • 220,000 GMEE over 9 Weekly Airdrops
  • 55,000 in GMEE vouchers
  • Up to 850,000 GMEE in activity rewards (qualification, Daily Streak, Daily Tasks)

G-Bot Prize Pool

The G-Bot Prize Pool for Season 7 is 2 million GMEE. This number is based on G-Bot players’ spending during a snapshot window (Nov 16 — Jan 15), a figure which we then double!

Let’s break it down…

  • Gameplays: 200k GMEE
  • Modifications: 690k GMEE
  • OpenSea royalties: 110k GMEE
  • Total: 1M GMEE
  • +100% match = 2M GMEE

The OMP economics worked well in Season 6, so we’re keeping the prize pool the same — 230,000 OMP.

Partnership Events

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Here’s what events and competitions to look forward to in Arc8 Season 7:

Karmaverse Competition

February 9th-17th

We’re keeping tight-lipped on this one for now, but for a chance to get your hands on GMEE vouchers, $KNOT and Karmaverse NFTs, make sure you’re following Arc8 on Twitter! Everything you need to know will be announced there in the coming days.

Benji Bananas Takeover

February 23rd-27th

Animoca’s hit mobile game sees players guiding Benji the monkey and his companions through the jungle. All you need to play this vine-swinging masterpiece is a Benji Bananas Membership Pass NFT, which allows you to earn PRIMATE tokens.

And, from February 23rd-27th, you’ll be able to compete for one of twenty season passes along with 1,000 PRIMATE tokens in Arc8, collectively worth $3000 USD.

But that’s not all — there are also 100 Benji Bananas G-Bot Starters up for grabs. More details coming soon.

Planet IX

March 16th-23rd

Planet IX is a thrilling strategy game that has players working as agents of change to rebuild a fallen planet.

Arc8 has $8000 of Planet IX’s native token, IXT, to give away as rewards in two tournaments during this Takeover — one for all Arc8 players and one especially for holders of a Planet IX NFT. Also in the prize pool are 20 Arcade NFTs, taking the total prize pool value to around $10,000.


March (Dates TBC)

This one’s easy! If you want to grab yourself an exclusive whitelist spot for the Azarus Black Card when it’s minted, then all you need is a G-Bot! Connect your web3 account to Discord and the Azarus bot will give you your status as a member of the whitelist.

G-Bot Masters

What would the G-Bot metaverse be without its Master Tournaments? They’re back once again in Season 7, giving players the opportunity to bring along whichever G-Bot they like and brave the maelstrom. Come out on top as a proven G-Bot Master and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

There will be four Master Tournaments in total, with three offering 50,000-GMEE prize pools, and then an epic season finale that offers much more.

And most importantly…

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