Arc8 x BoomLand: A Fresh Collaboration

2 min readJan 9


Get Ready for the BoomLand Launch with Arc8

We already know Arc8 is the one-stop shop for action-packed blockchain gaming tournaments. Not only can you earn the GMEE token with your gaming skills, but you can even compete for a variety of other rewards from our partners.

Update: Check out all the details of the BoomLand tournaments in Arc8 HERE

This year promises to bring yet more incredible events — and we are thrilled to announce that we’re kicking things off in style by partnering with the mighty Boomland.

To celebrate the launch of BoomLand’s newest game, Arc8 will host a variety of tournaments with unique rewards. This is no Token Takeover — it’s a whole new kind of partnership!

With over 200 published games, 10 years in the gaming industry and upwards of 1.5 billion downloads, the co-founders of BoomBit are venturing into the web3 space with BoomLand, a multi-game platform that will include 6 incredible games.

The first of these will be Hunters On-Chain, a battle royal game where the objective is to come out on top as the number one hunter. The playable hunters come in 40 classes, each with a unique appearance and set of attributes. Plus, they’re all NFTs, meaning they’re yours to own.

Get a head start in BoomLand by competing in Arc8 for a special BoomLand reward! Stay tuned here on Medium for all you need to know about the tournaments and rewards that Arc8 will offer during this one-of-a-kind event. Download Arc8 here.

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