Better than Having a Kid: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Get a G-Bot

5 min readOct 17, 2022


All the cool people have G-Bots. Hurry up and get one before we judge you.

Just look at them. LOOK AT THEM.

Pssst. You like robots? Of course you do — robots are f***ing awesome. Well, let me tell you about G-Bots.

G-Bots are an ensemble of mechanoid warriors that fight in exclusive games in Arc8. And they can earn you some cash — it’s kinda like owning a fighting cockerel but totally legal and you don’t need to hang out in a basement with the unsavory criminal elements of Southeast Asia. Plus, with nine upgradable stats and the potential to create offspring, they make for a pretty sweet gaming asset.

Oh, and did I mention that they look totally badass?

So let’s get down to business — here’s why a G-Bot is the one final jigsaw piece missing from your life.

5. Access to Exclusive Games

Have you ever sat in the VIP section of a club because your friend knows a guy who is the brother of someone who is married to a C-List celebrity musician? No? Oh. Just me then. Well let me tell you, it feels AMAZING. You stand behind a glorious red velvet rope on a platform that is ever so slightly higher than the rest of the club, meaning you can look down on all the other people who, tragically, lack your incredible connections.

Owning a G-Bot gives you that same feeling. If the Arc8 gaming app was a club, it would be the number one hangout spot in town (for gaming nerds), and the G-Bot-exclusive games would be the VIP area. Sure, the club itself is fantastic and packed with great arcade gaming machines, but only you get to enjoy the whole of it. People that don’t own a G-Bot look up to you behind your red velvet rope and think “damn, that guy must really be somebody special.” People want your autograph when you’re leaving. You need two bodyguards. You’re a big name in Le Club d’Arc8.

4. Community

Struggling to make real-life friends? Or just bored with the ones you’ve got? We’ve all been there. That’s why we invented G-Bots. We’re not claiming the G-Bot will be your friend — it’s a natural-born killer, after all — but it will give you something to argue about on the Internet with other owners! Yay, Internet friends! Check out the Discord and join the daily mayhem.

It’s also your chance to have your say on the direction of G-Bots economy and gaming. We put things to the vote as often as possible, so this is a great opportunity to unlock your inner Karen and tell us what you think.

Download Arc8 for iOS and Android to play G-Bot games and much much more

3. Make Babies

Do you ever find yourself watching a late-night adult film and thinking “Damn, I so wish this big German dude was actually a robot?” Ja? Then say hello to G-Bots. Collect enough GMEE and OMP tokens and wait for them to get down to some hot robot action. Sure, you can’t actually see it but a little imagination goes a long way.

And, assuming you don’t Terminate it, your G-Bot loving will result in a Baby Bot. Can you nurture it, feed it, and show it all the love you yourself missed out on as a child? Well, no. But what you can do is upgrade and evolve it into a ferocious killing machine and force it to battle others! YAY!

Or, y’know, you can just sell it.

2. Better than Having a Child

Everybody knows that the main problem with children is that they can’t be upgraded. If little Timmy sucks at school, you just have to come to terms with the fact he’s never going to be a world-famous surgeon and buy you your dream retirement villa.

That is not the case with a G-Bot.

If you want to improve its stats — strength, speed, battery, HP, attack, defense, critical, luck, and special — then you can! And even better, you’ll never have to attend a school play or put its crap drawings on your fridge. It’s also much cheaper than raising a child — the OMP and GMEE that you will spend on this is significantly less than the cost of hiring a private tutor to help little Timmy learn what sounds animals make.

1. Make it Rain

And what’s the point of it all? Sure, you’ve got the best Internet friends a guy could wish for, a couple of awesome robot warriors, and access to some exclusive games in Arc8, but that can’t be it, right?

Right. You can make some dough, too.

G-Bot tournaments and head-to-head matches pay out in OMP and GMEE, the tokens needed for upgrading, breeding and evolving.

Are you going to earn enough to quit your job as a copywriter for a mobile gaming studio and follow your dreams of photographing sharks around the world? Well, apparently not… hello! But you can earn something, at least, which is more than can be said for most games. And then you can arrogantly show off what you bought with your winnings in the game to all the other people who were too busy writing marketing content about the game — I’m looking at you, guy-on-Discord-who-bought-a-gaming-PC.

#notbitter #lovemyjob #sharksforever

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Download Arc8 and click here and buy yourself a G-Bot. Or don’t. Your call. But just remember that while you’re wasting your money on increasingly ridiculous Fortnite skins or a new neon helmet for Call of Duty 173: Give Us All Your F***ing Money, all the cool people are out here buying assets you can actually own, making robot babies and selling them. You do you.

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