Compete for an Exclusive Bored Ape G-Bot Starter in Arc8

2 min readJan 10, 2023

70 iconic Bored Ape G-Bot Starters are waiting for you in Arc8 tournaments

Bored Ape G-Bot Starter Tournament — Jan 12–16 (1pm UTC)

We’ve had G-Bot Starters themed with Cool Cats, Atari, The Crypto Prophecies and more — and now we top them all with the most iconic NFT collection there is — Bored Apes.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a series of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, and created by Yuga Labs. Since owners of Bored Apes are granted full intellectual property rights, we are able to bring you this unique collection of Bored Ape G-Bot Starters thanks to the kindness of our partners!

This competition is an opportunity for Arc8 players to get their hands on one of these limited edition and functional NFTs. With only 70 being given away as rewards this January — these rare items are yours to own, play with, or even sell.

G-Bot Starters are functional in that they provide access to exclusive games in the Arc8 app. This gives players the chance to fully enjoy all that Arc8 has to offer, including access to locked prize pools and promotions. There are more G-Bot Starters to come in 2023, but what better way to kickstart the year than with this high-profile series?

Add one to your wallet by competing in Arc8’s Run! game between January 12–16 (1pm UTC). Here’s how it works:

  • Accumulate at least 300,000 points in Run! token matches and tournaments and you will qualify for the random draw, where 50 Bored Ape G-Bot Starters will be given away
  • Shoot past that number and make sure you’re one of the top 20 players overall. This guarantees you a Bored Ape G-Bot Starter — no draw for you!

Run! was chosen by our community as the game for this tournament — why not join our Discord to have your say on future community decisions? In Run!, you have to navigate a haunted maze, collect loot, and avoid being killed by a patrolling enemy.

Download Arc8 and join in!

Good luck! And remember — if you miss out on a reward this time, there are more Bored Ape G-Bot Starter designs to come in 2023. Subscribe to GAMEE here on Medium to get all the details as soon as they’re ready!

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