Cool Cats in Arc8 with Polygon! New Game, Epic Cool Cats NFT Rewards, New G-Bot Starters, And More

4 min readSep 1, 2022

TL;DR: In collaboration with the one and only NFT collection Cool Cats, players can enjoy playing Cool Cats Combinations and expect an opening week of amazing rewards in Cool Cats merchandise, Cool Cats NFTs and Cool Cats G-Bot Starters, as well as 10,000 MATIC tokens in the Token Takeover

Cool Cats and Polygon in Arc8 — September 8-12

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Just when you thought Arc8 couldn’t get any better, we go and partner up with the amazing Cool Cats to bring you a brilliant new game, launching on September 8th. If you like cats, tiles and explosions then you’re in the right place — download Arc8 for Android or iOS to get in on the feline frenzy.

Cool Cats Combinations
In Cool Cats Combinations, take the Cool Cats on a picnic but leave the fish at home, as this game involves a cat’s second favorite thing — numbered tiles! Combine three or more tiles of the same number into a new tile to gain points and rack up combo bonuses. You’ll find yourself nervously clawing at the carpet as the board fills up, so take advantage of power-ups to clear tiles and you’ll once again be purring with joy.

Cool Cats Competition
There will be three kinds of competition open to these different categories of player:

Whichever competitions players are eligible for, they are competing for 3 sets of the same rewards. The advantage of having a Cool Cats or Cool Pets NFT in your wallet is that you are eligible for more than one draw, and you have a better chance of getting a guaranteed reward by making it into the top-scoring places in your category, as there is less competition.

Important! Keep in mind that if you have a Cool Cats or Cool Pets NFT, you will only be eligible for the prizes and draws in those categories if you link your MetaMask account in the Arc8 web app and login with your Arc8 account before the competition ends. That way, our helpful behind-the-scenes robots know that you own one (or maybe even both!) of these NFTs when they check on the final day of the event (September 12th — 1PM UTC).

For the first week of the launch — from September 8–12 (1PM UTC) — players will be able to compete in Cool Cats Combinations for exclusive rewards, including 3 Cool Cats NFTs and 60 Cool Cats G-Bot Starters. And that’s not all — thirty skilled players will get their hands on some sweet Cool Cats swag in the form of a t-shirt and a plushie!

So, how do you earn yourself one of these amazing rewards? You compete in Cool Cats Combinations token matches and tournaments, of course!

Here’s how many points you’ll need to qualify for each reward, and the order in which the rewards will be given away:

  • Three Cool Cats NFTs: This highly exclusive reward — with a huge floor price of about 2.4 ETH on OpenSea — is given away in a random draw. To qualify, reach a total accumulative score of 250,000. There will be one Cool Cats NFT draw for each player category mentioned above, so qualifiers that own both the Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFTs will be entered into all three draws! However, if you win one draw, you are ineligible to enter another.
  • 60 Cool Cats G-Bot Starters: These epic NFTs will grant you access to Arc8’s G-Bot games, and 30 will be given away in a random draw. To qualify, reach a total accumulative score of 175,000. Another 30 will be given directly to the top 10 players in each of the three player categories — unless of course they already won a Cool Cats NFT.
  • 30 Cool Cats Swag Packs: To get your hands on a swag pack (plushie + t-shirt), qualify for the random draw by reaching a total accumulative score of 175,000. Fifteen packs will be given away in the draw, and the others will be given directly to those who came 11–15th in each player category.

If you’re worried that one person might snag themselves all three rewards and you’ll be left with nothing, don’t worry! Anyone who wins a reward of a higher value is no longer eligible to win another reward.

MATIC Token Takeover
Thanks to the amazing people over at Polygon, another MATIC Token Takeover has also come to Arc8, with 10,000 MATIC to give away across all non-G-Bot games from September 8th–12th!

So whether you dive right into Cool Cats Combinations or check out what else Arc8 has to offer, you can get your hands on this great cryptocurrency token that powers the Polygon network.

Following the opening week, Cool Cats Combinations will become a regular Arc8 game until at least the end of Season 4 — though hopefully for much longer! Stay tuned on Twitter and Medium for updates and announcements about new partnerships, Token Takeovers and other Arc8 news.

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