Dare You Enter These Spooky Competitions in Arc8? 🎃

Win a Jeepers Halloween G-Bot Starter in two spine-chilling competitions in Arc8

2 min readOct 24, 2022


Jeepers will watch over your progress in Run!

You will not see Jeepers coming.

A whisper in the darkness, cold breath on your neck and then the whoosh of his scythe. When they find you, a lone wilted sunflower will lay on your shoulders where once your head was perched.

The only way you can avoid this inevitable fate is to compete for a Jeepers G-Bot Starter.

With Jeepers safely stored in your wallet, not only will you be safe from the swing of the scythe, you can also enter G-Bot-exclusive games in Arc8, including upcoming Master Tournaments, which pay out thousands in GMEE.

To get your hands on one of the 70 exclusive Jeepers G-Bot Starters, take part in the two competitions coming to Arc8 on October 27th.

👻 Run! Competition (Oct 27–31; 1pm UTC)

It doesn’t get any more Halloween than this. Roam the haunted maze in search for loot in the latest game to hit the Arc8 platform. Rack up enough accumulated points and you’ll be in with a chance of winning Jeepers.

Here’s how the competition looks:

  • Collect a total of 300,000 points in Run! token matches and tournaments
  • 40 Jeepers G-Bot Starters will be given away in a draw to those who qualify
  • 20 Jeepers G-Bot Starters will be given directly to the top scoring 20 players

👻 Jeepers’ Riddle (October 28 — Nov 1)

Return to Arc8 for four consecutive days from October 28 to get all four parts of Jeepers’ riddle. Each day, there will be a new clue as to where Jeepers is hiding.

Then, on November 1st at 3pm UTC, keep your eye on the Arc8 Twitter account. Send your answer on where you think Jeepers is hiding in the attached form, and wait and see…

The first ten correct answers will automatically receive a Jeepers G-Bot Starter!

Are you ready? Don’t miss out on the Halloween spooktacular in Arc8 – Jeepers wouldn’t like that… 🎃

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