Earn GMEE by staking dQUICK on QuickSwap!

GMEE Syrup pool is LIVE! Starting today, you will be able to earn GMEE by staking dQUICK on our Syrup pool, with a prize pool of $200,000 in GMEE Syrup Pool Rewards for 12 weeks!

Few simple steps for you to join $GMEE Syrup pool:

  1. Stake QUICK in Dragon’s Lair https://quickswap.exchange/#/quick

2. By doing this, you will earn dQuick tokens.

3. Now, you can stake these dQuick tokens in the dragon syrup pool and select GMEE (you have a full guide here).

4. Stake them here! https://quickswap.exchange/#/syrup

5.During the 12 weeks, you will receive GMEE rewards from our $200K $GMEE pool!

If you aren’t already familiar with single-asset staking on QuickSwap, dQUICK, and the Dragon’s Lair, read this article first!

QuickSwap — Polygon’s biggest and most active DEX — is bringing rewards for QUICK stakers! QuickSwap has also joined Arc8 with their own access code for you to start mining GMEE! You can join with this link Arc8 QuickSwap or just use the code “QuickSwap” when downloading Arc8.

GMEE holders can take their Ethereum GMEE to Polygon via the Polygon v2.0 bridge. You can also purchase Polygon GMEE directly via QuickSwap.

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