Earn Your Share of Dynamic Prize Pools in Arc8 Tournaments

2 min readAug 8, 2022


More players in a tournament now means bigger prize pools on offer

You’ve already mastered Qube 2048, nobody dunks like you do in Hoop Shot, and Pep Guardiola is thinking of signing you for Man City. It is only fair, then, that you get rewarded for putting your gaming skills to the test in big Arc8 tournaments.

That’s where dynamic prize pools come in. From August 8th, there will be a one-week trial run of dynamic prize pools, where the more players there are in a tournament, the more GMEE there is to be won.

How does it work?
Tiers! The total prize pool will always increase every time a new tier is reached.

Tier 1 will have the smallest prize pool, but it will increase when enough players have joined to trigger the next tier.

The number of tiers may vary since this is a trial week, though here is an example of how a tournament with four tiers might work:

Tournament with 1–20 players

  • Prize Pool = 25 GMEE
  • Top 10 users rewarded
  • 1st place gets 6.25 GMEE
  • 10th place gets 0.5 GMEE

Tournament with 21–45 players

  • Prize Pool = 60 GMEE
  • Top 25 users rewarded
  • 1st place gets 12 GMEE
  • 10th place gets 1.2 GMEE

Tournament with 46–120 players

  • Prize Pool = 140 GMEE
  • Top 50 users rewarded
  • 1st place gets 25.2 GMEE
  • 10th place gets 2.1 GMEE

Tournament with 121+ players

  • Prize Pool = 300 GMEE
  • Top 100 users rewarded
  • 1st place gets 42 GMEE
  • 10th place gets 3.6 GMEE

Don’t worry if you’re the first to enter a tournament and the prize pool seems low — it will grow as more people join. And, even better, your reward will not decrease if you stay in the same spot on the leaderboard! For example, if you’re in first place in a tournament of 10 players, which then becomes a tournament of 100 players and you’re still in the number one spot, your prize can only increase.

Good luck! And if you haven’t played Arc8 yet then put your gaming skills to the test in an app full of fun arcade classics and original games. Download it here!

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