Energy Wars — A New G-Bot Game in Arc8

An action-packed puzzle game for G-Bot owners to fight for supremacy on new frontiers

2 min readAug 1, 2022
Energy Wars — a pulsing new game for G-Bots

The wait is finally over. Open Arc8, give your G-Bot a motivating pep talk, and march onward into battle. A brand new game for G-Bots is here.

G-Bot owners can now take on the opposition in the fresh battlegrounds of Energy Wars.

It’s a fast-paced puzzle game where players engage enemies in one-on-one battles until time runs out — or until you’ve annihilated all three of your AI G-Bot opponents.

To defeat an enemy, you have to create color combos of three or more gems with your assigned color, which adds to your G-Bot’s attacking power. Attacking the enemy at the end of your turn scores valuable points, as does destroying other gems. You can also take advantage of power-ups to destroy your enemy’s gems.

Think fast. Think smart. Think tactically. When will you choose to boost your attack strength, and when will you instead obliterate the gems that your enemy will use against you?

Plan your Energy Wars strategy right now by learning about the scoring system on the Wiki, or by checking out this video.

How to play Energy Wars

If you don’t yet own a G-Bot, then don’t worry — you can purchase one on OpenSea, or take part in the many Arc8 competitions to win a G-Bot Starter. Everything you need to know about those can be found in our upcoming Medium post later today.

Ready for battle? Download Arc8 if you haven’t already and prepare to take on thousands of other players in daily tournaments and head-to-head battles.

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