Enter the Mocaverse with Arc8

Arc8’s new Moca-themed game provides a thrilling battleground for players. Enter with your Moca or Realm Pass and earn $10K in MATIC, and Moca XP!

2 min readMar 30, 2023
Mocaverse x Arc8 (April 20–27)

The Mocaverse is coming to Arc8! Animoca Brands’ flagship family of 8,888 adorable NFTs are getting their first utility, and it’s going to be right here in the Arc8 app. With exclusive tournaments open to both Moca NFT and Realm Ticket holders, a funky Moca-themed game, and $10,000 in MATIC there for the taking, this is not an event you can afford to miss.

So bring along your Moca (or purchase a Mocaverse Realm Ticket) and join the action. If you’re completely new to Arc8 — welcome! You can download the app right here, and then easily connect and pair your wallet on our web app.

Ready? Then here are all the details:

Into the Mocaverse!

April 20–27 (1pm UTC)

These tournaments are free to enter, have unlimited attempts, and are open to:

  • All Realm Pass holders
  • Players who have a staked Moca in their wallet from April 3–10. Eligible players will also need to sign up on the Mocaverse website.

You will have the chance to prove your skills in one of Arc8’s most beloved games — now re-skinned for the occasion of Arc8’s partnership with Mocaverse. Everyone earns Moca XP by playing in the tournaments, and top-scoring players can look forward to receiving a share of the $10,000 in MATIC!

Important! 👉 You have to connect and pair your wallet with Arc8 before the tournaments begin. It’s really simple and you can do it right here. And if you need help with anything wallet-related, be sure to check out our Wiki page.


Realm Pass holders and Moca owners will play in separate tournaments, and the leaderboards will rank players according to:

  • Individual high score
  • Individual total score (accumulative)
  • Tribe score (Moca holders only)

Your rewards will be dropped into your wallet after the event.

Watch this space for more details — including the announcement about which of Arc8’s most popular games has been given the Mocaverse makeover!

And if you’re an Arc8 player who just wants to enjoy the newly re-skinned game, you can still play it in regular 1v1 matches.

Download Arc8 now.

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