G-Bot packs Sale Sold Out within 10 Minutes!

3,800 G-Bots gone in under 10 minutes! IN-SANE

4 min readDec 9, 2021
G-Bots Packs Sold Out!

This is the last sale of the First Edition G-Bot Packs containing the three initial classes: Warriors, Fighters, and Rogues. Only 5,000 of them exist, with unique designs which won’t repeat in the future.

Below, you can find all you need to know about the G-Bots, how to earn with them, where you will be able to use them, and how to unleash their power once you released them from their pack!

I own a G-Bot Pack, what can I do now?

First of all, welcome to the G-Bot family as we go into the metaverse! You have a pack that contains a G-Bot. This G-Bot pack already provides you access to our special G-Bot community on Discord, and once the unpacking function is available, you will be able to open it and unleash your G-Bot.

In case you don’t own a G-Bot pack, you can always check out the collection on OpenSea https://opensea.io/collection/gbots-gamee

The opening of the packs is scheduled together with the pre-season of Arc8, coming on December 14th!


Arc8 Exclusive minigames

Join tournaments in Arc8 with over 200.000 GMEEs in prize pools exclusively for G-Bot owners.

G-Bot minigames in Arc8.

Stake your G-Bot

3M $GMEE in rewards available for First Edition G-Bot owners in Q1.

G-Bots Staking Rewards.

Upgrade your G-Bot

Increase the stats of your G-Bots for more power and a higher earning potential!

Upgrade your G-Bot, earn more!


Breed with up to 5 G-Bots at a time, create new Baby Bots using Energy Cores.

Breed with 2 or more G-Bots.

Exclusive Discord (Check the instructions below)

Join the G-Bots Discord server to be the first to get updates!

The Battle Game

Coming 2022, an action-packed battle strategy game with play-to-earn features, both PvE and PvP battles.


💻G-Bot Exclusive Discord Community

If you own a G-Bot Pack in your wallet, you will be able to access the private channels in the G-Bot Discord Server. Here, you’ll be in closer touch with the team to learn firsthand what’s next with G-Bots, special events, and giveaways!

Join here: https://discord.gg/UjuVeGGAUU

Once you have accessed the Discord, you’ll need to visit the #collabland-join channel and click on the “Let’s go!” button. This will redirect you to a website that will take you through the process of linking your Metamask to your Discord, and will unlock access to the private channels!

In this Discord, the roles will be sorted out by the rarity of your pack, providing visibility to each of the users.

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