G-Bot Staking — All You Need To Know

G-Bots Staking event, March 17th, one month, 1,000,000 GMEE

3 min readMar 17, 2022


Today is the day! Command your G-Bots and lead them on the path of the GMEE token, with a 1M token bounty to be collected!

Here’s a video of the full process, if you prefer a visual guide.

How To Stake your G-Bot

The process is very straightforward, starting by owning a G-Bot on your wallet. First things first: head onto app.gamee.com and connect your wallet (Metamask recommended).

If you wanna know how to get one, here’s a quick guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orCh2qRPuFQ

Once your wallet is connected, you will see your G-Bots in your inventory. This is a solid start already!

Now, head onto the Staking tab. Here, you’ll find all the information you need, but let’s go over the important parts. All your G-Bots, including those available for staking, and those already staked, will be displayed.

You can add your G-Bots to this staking mission, one by one. Doing so will allow your G-Bot to start earning GMEE for the duration of the event. To do this, you first need to approve the contract and then select which G-Bots you want to send on this quest. Just FYI: there’s no limit to how many G-Bots you can stake.

Once your G-Bot is staked, you’ll find lots of useful information about the event as a whole (such as total prize pool and time remaining), and also the estimated daily earnings and how many tokens your G-Bots have gathered for you.

The earnings will fluctuate according to the amount and rarities of the G-Bots staked at any given time. Each G-Bot has a different earning capacity depending on its rarity. This ranges from 1x as the base for a common, all the way to 100x for a Mythical. The rarer your G-Bot, the higher the earnings!

Some of the FAQs are listed here:

  • Can I claim my tokens at any time? Yes, that’s right! You don’t need to unstake your G-Bot in order to claim your tokens.
  • Can I unstake my G-Bot at any time? Yes, that’s also right. You can even “exit” the event. Doing so, will unstake all your G-Bots and claim all your tokens at once.
  • Can I still play Sky Lords tournaments if my G-Bot is staked? No, that is not possible. Your G-Bot is sent on a mission, and cannot be on two places at a time!

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