G-Bot Starters Are Coming to Arc8 — Win Exclusive Branded NFTs

They’re new, they’re unique, and they’re your ticket into the Metaverse — G-Bot Starters are arriving in Arc8.

3 min readJul 11, 2022

G-Bot Starters are G-Bot NFTs with a twist. They are specially minted, limited-edition G-Bots with a unique branded style, and are distributed only as exclusive rewards. While they cannot be bred, staked or upgraded like regular G-Bots, G-Bot Starters provide access to Arc8’s amazing G-Bot games and offer players an entry to the G-Bot ecosystem. And what a selection we’ve got coming up. Atari G-Bot, anyone?

How to get a G-Bot Starter
Whether you’re new to the world of G-Bots or you’ve got a whole army of them camped in your wallet, G-Bot Starters can be collected by any Arc8 player with the right gaming skills. What exactly those skills need to be will depend on the brand of the G-Bot Starters being given away. In some cases, players will have to accumulate a total score in a particular game, or they may first need to complete a series of exciting challenges.

Download Arc8 for iOS or Android to be in with a chance of winning one of these unique and exclusive NFTs.

Why G-Bot Starters?
We believe in rewarding our community of players. G-Bot Starters are an excellent way for Arc8 players to enter the growing world of G-Bots, while also boosting Arc8’s position as a gamified launchpad that brings players, games and brands together.

Big-Name Brands
Our first collections of G-Bot Starters will be themed according to some truly incredible, much-loved brands in the gaming and crypto worlds — stay tuned for more info! For now, we can proudly reveal that our first partnership is with the undisputed masters of the arcade themselves — Atari!

Before you get your hands on an Atari G-Bot Starter, there’s one more waiting to make your wallet its home. It’s a new Arc8 fan favorite, players have been playing it in their tens of thousands — that’s right, it’s a Hoop Shot G-Bot Starter!

Hoop Shot G-Bot Starter
What better way to kick things off than with one of our own? The first G-Bot Starters that we are giving away as rewards are branded with our very own Hoop Shot, a fast-paced thriller of a game where players bounce and blast their way from hoop to hoop. Players will be able to compete to win a Hoop Shot G-Bot Starter by accumulating a grand total of 15,000 points in Hoop Shot token matches and tournaments between July 14–19. Everything you need to know about this first competition will be announced on July 14.

Atari G-Bot Starter
Looking to own your very own Atari G-Bot Starter? Well, who could blame you! We can’t wait to reveal more about them in the coming weeks — why not follow us on social media so you can be the first to hear the news?

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