G-Bot Starters Could Be the First Ever Playable Character You Actually Own

3 min readAug 18, 2022


Love them or hate them, NFTs are on the lips of every tech aficionado, journalist and gaming enthusiast these days. From digital works of art to tokens representing ownership of real-world assets, their uses are essentially infinite.

While those NFTs that are nothing more than an image tend to draw a lot of criticism, NFTs in video games are simply the things that players might ordinarily purchase or earn by playing — characters, weapons, and so on — only they’re stored on the blockchain. This means it is the player who owns them, rather than the studio that made them.

G-Bots, the playable NFT characters in the Arc8 gaming app, are an ideal example of an NFT with purpose.

While the Arc8 app boasts plenty of high-quality games that don’t require an NFT, G-Bots provide access to a number of exclusive games where their unique stats play a vital role in dominating the opposition in multiplayer combat.

Add to that the potential to upgrade them and you’ve got a digital playable asset that is something special.

In-game purchases are expected to pass $74 billion annually by 2025, and yet only blockchain-based games like Arc8 allow the players to actually own them. They can even be sold or traded as and when players choose. (Try doing that with a AAA-game character or weapon!)

And there is no easier way for a gamer to get their hands on their first ever NFT than competing in Arc8 gaming tournaments to win a G-Bot Starter.

Unlike regular G-Bots, G-Bot Starters are fairly weak in terms of stats and cannot be bred or upgraded. But what they do offer is access to exclusive G-Bot games and easy entry to casual players who are curious about ownership but haven’t yet dipped their toes in the water.

Add to that the fact that all Arc8 players are automatically given an in-app wallet, and you have a simple, accessible path for all players to own their first gaming asset!

The capabilities of different G-Bot types

These G-Bot Starters spell good news for casual gamers and existing G-Bot owners alike. G-Bot Starters don’t diminish the value of existing G-Bots; if anything, they improve it. More and more players will hop on board and recognize the value of owning in-game items, not to mention more players in G-Bot tournaments and 1v1 battles.

Plus, with G-Bot breeding coming later this year — allowing players to create, upgrade and then evolve new Baby Bots — there is now a whole new audience of willing buyers looking to get their hands on a more powerful G-Bot than the Starter they won.

Plus, who doesn’t want the chance to create their own, unique playable NFT?

Given the fact that G-Bot Starters are to be branded with fantastic partners such as Atari, the project itself gets much more exposure, meaning more interest, more hype, and more players.

No longer are gaming NFTs the reserve of blockchain enthusiasts — now anyone with the right gaming skills can compete in tournaments, rack up enough points and win one directly or be entered into a draw.

The time has come for everybody to have the opportunity to own, trade and even sell their in-game characters. Download Arc8 now to take part in head-to-head matches and tournaments, and earn your own G-Bot Starter.

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