G-Bots Design Contest

Starting on November 16th, you will have 12 days to submit your own G-Bot design and earn GMEE rewards! The perfect opportunity to get ready for the upcoming sale on December 9th!

We will be distributing 12,000 GMEEs among 3 designers for each G-Bot class, plus 1 special prize that we will unveil after. 🤭

The three classes are the ⚔️ Warrior (left), the 🔫 Rogue (middle), and the 👊 fighter (right).

Warrior, Rogue & Fighter

How to participate?

  1. RT this tweet
  2. Reply under the tweet with your design and the hashtag #mygbot!

Please note that copying an existing design will not count.


You can participate in 3 categories for each G-Bot class (6 winners in total):

  • 1,000 GMEE for the Best Design ✨: this will value the overall design quality of the G-Bot, which should also be original and different from the ones already published.
  • 1,000 GMEE for the Craziest Design 🤪: let your imagination free and create a G-Bot with crazy features, weapons, heads, or anything you can come up with. We are really excited about this one!
  • 1,000 GMEE for the Random Participant 🎰: no matter your design skills, we want you to give it a try! Submit your G-Bot in whatever format, we are excited to see what you got! We’ll choose a random participant for each class.

But wait… what’s the Special Price? 😃
The next G-Bot sale is coming up on December 9th, and on December 14th, the owners of the G-Bot packs will be able to open them and reveal the G-Bots. Well, so the best G-Bot design submitted, no matter the class, will be chosen to get an official adaptation, and we’ll make a real NFT out of it! HOW COOL IS THAT?! 😎

Of course, the designer will not only get the credit but will also receive 3,000 GMEE tokens and a G-Bot Rare Pack! 🥳

Submissions will finish Winners of the contest will be announced

  • Sun Nov 28th — End: submissions end
  • 1st Week of Dec: battles of RT & LIKES
  • Sun Dec 5th Winners: Winners announced
  • Sun Dec 12th — Prizes: we deliver the prizes

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