G-Bots Pack Opening New Date

G-Bots are not just a cool NFT, it is also a crucial part of a world we are building — the Arc8 platform. In order for G-Bots to find their place in this environment, there are multiple components we have to develop. One of the core components is a brand new mini-game called Sky Lords, where the G-Bot owners will be able to compete for a large prize pool and boost the value of their investment.

Unfortunately, after an unexpected delay in the review process of our Android version, we had to make some hard decisions. We had to push forward the launch of the first Pre-season which caused a cascade of delays, including the G-Bots opening. We really wanted to play the early Santa Claus and let you open some presents before Christmas. It’s not all doom and gloom though! Let’s look at the bright side — the second Christmas is coming on January 6th, aka the new date for the G-Bot packs opening. And there are many exciting things to come before and after the opening, we will not let you hang dry! Read on.

New Date for G-Bot Pack Opening

The Arc8 pre-season is still to be rolled out, but it should be ready to launch soon for both Android and iOS users. Adding these unknowns to the overwhelming success of the G-Bot packs’ sale, we have decided to postpone the opening of the packs and the launch of the Sky Lords game for January 6th.

Our team is working non-stop on the designs and developments, and with Christmas around the corner, we want to ensure a successful launch of the game and a smooth process for the unpacking.

What happened with the $GMEEs I was going to earn with my G-Bots during this month?

We have been thinking of many different ways to compensate our early supporters, and that’s why we have decided to increase the prize pool from 225,000 $GMEEs to 350,000 $GMEEs as compensation for this delay.

From January 6th till January 31st, there will be 25 days of fierce competition of skill in the Sky Lords game. This means that there will be 14,000 $GMEEs up for grabs every day for G-Bot owners in the Arc8 app! And this is just the beginning since the staking of G-Bots will come in place right after this.

In the meantime, we will be sharing more designs of these First Edition G-Bots, to give you a sneak peek of what this initial army of G-Bots will look like once the opening takes place!

Thank you for understanding and supporting our journey. There’s so much coming our way, and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Stay awesome.

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