G-Bots Sale Dec 9th! How to Buy a G-Bot pack?

5 min readNov 1, 2021

Our new NFTs, the G-Bots, are coming on December 9th at 1 pm UTC, and they are getting ready to rumble! Only 3,800 of them are available for this sale. Are you ready to get your hands on some of them? Gentlemen, start your engines…

What are G-bots?

In case this is your first time hearing about G-Bots, they are Polygon-based NFTs (using ERC-721 standard) designed to provide the ultimate Play & Earn experience in the new era of gaming. You’ll be able to use them for playing games, getting access to special tournaments in Arc8, staking, upgrading, breeding, and fighting other G-Bots in a big game to come!

The process is easy, but it’s super important that your wallet is ready with polygon GMEE and some MATIC on Polygon to cover the gas fees prior to the sale. We also recommend doing the purchase on a desktop browser (PC) for the best experience.

How to get one?

1. 💰 First, get GMEE to pay for the G-Bot pack and MATIC to pay for gas fees — both tokens need to be on Polygon! If you need help, scroll down to see how.

2. 🌐 Go to the G-Bots website to see all info and click to get to the Marketplace (Epic, right?)

3. 👛 Connect your wallet (we recommend Metamask), you canNOT use Arc8 wallet, this needs to be an external wallet that supports the Polygon network (Metamask).

4. 🥚 Select one pack, approve the contract, accept the GMEE & the MATIC fees. (LIMIT IS 2 PACKS PER TRANSACTION)

5. ✨ Check your dashboard on the G-Bots site, YOU HAVE A PACK!

6. 🐣 Wait until the unpacking, coming live on December 14th!

If you need extra information on these steps, keep reading. 👇

1. Equip yourself with Polygon GMEE and MATIC on Polygon

If you have none of the tokens, there are two main options:

a) Get MATIC on an exchange that supports withdrawal on the Polygon network, for example, KuCoin (recommended), send it to your Metamask using the Polygon (MATIC) network, and swap it for GMEE on Quickswap. Don’t forget to keep some MATIC to cover the fees (at least 0.1 MATIC).

If you already own a token on the Polygon network (ETH, MATIC, or QUICK), you can use QuickSwap and swap to get the desired tokens.

c) SWAP GMEE on QuickSwap. Available pairs are GMEE/ETH, GMEE/MATIC, and GMEE/QUICK. Connect your Metamask, switch to Polygon (MATIC) network, find GMEE in the list of tokens and confirm the swap.

Swapping MATIC/GMEE on QuickSwap

In case you already own GMEE on Ethereum, you will need to use a bridge to change it to GMEE on Polygon. Please note, using the bridge comes with very high gas fees, so the options above are recommended.

d) Bridge your ETH GMEE to Polygon GMEE here.

Remember, you will also need to own some MATIC on Polygon on your wallet to cover the transaction fees (these fees are low, so you won’t spend much 😉). You can get MATIC for example on the KuCoin exchange, and send it to your wallet using the Polygon (MATIC) network.

2. Visit the G-Bots website to get to the sale page, and in the Dashboard section, click on connect wallet.

3. Connect your wallet (we recommend only using Metamask), and select the Matic Network

4. Go to Marketplace, select one pack, approve the contract, and accept the GMEE & pay the MATIC fee

Above you can see the selection of the 4 packs available: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

To be able to perform the purchase, you first must approve the contract:

Approve Contract to Continue

5. Check your dashboard on the G-Bots site, YOU HAVE A PACK!

6. Wait until the unpacking, coming live on December 14th!

During the unpacking, you should expect different rarity probabilities for the G-bot depending on the rarity of your pack.

G-bot rarity chances depending on packs:

Each of the packs has different probabilities for G-Bot rarity, listed below. For example, a legendary pack has an 82% chance to include a legendary G-Bot and an 8% chance to include a mythical G-Bot. See all details below.

One pack contains 1 G-Bot, so the rarer your pack is, the rarer your G-Bot will be. Remember, there are only 3,800 G-Bot Packs available for this on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure you don’t miss out and prepare your token ahead of time.

Common G-Bot Packs

Common G-Bot Pack

Price: 100 GMEE

Common: 84,6%

Rare: 14%

Epic: 1%

Legendary: 0,4%

Mythical: 0%

Rare G-Bot Packs

Rare G-Bot Pack

Price: 500 GMEE

Common: 0%

Rare: 84,6%

Epic: 14%

Legendary: 1%

Mythical: 0,4%

Epic G-Bot Packs

Epic G-Bot Pack

Price: 2000 GMEE

Common: 0%

Rare: 0%

Epic: 82%

Legendary: 16%

Mythical: 2%

Legendary G-Bot Packs

Price: 5000 GMEE

Common: 0%

Rare: 0%

Epic: 0%

Legendary: 92%

Mythical: 8%

We are super excited for what is coming, we will be updating soon, stay tuned! 🤙

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