G-Bots Sale Dec 9th! How to Buy a G-Bot pack?

What are G-bots?

In case this is your first time hearing about G-Bots, they are Polygon-based NFTs (using ERC-721 standard) designed to provide the ultimate Play & Earn experience in the new era of gaming. You’ll be able to use them for playing games, getting access to special tournaments in Arc8, staking, upgrading, breeding, and fighting other G-Bots in a big game to come!

How to get one?

1. Equip yourself with Polygon GMEE and MATIC on Polygon

If you have none of the tokens, there are two main options:

Swapping MATIC/GMEE on QuickSwap

2. Visit the G-Bots website to get to the sale page, and in the Dashboard section, click on connect wallet.

3. Connect your wallet (we recommend only using Metamask), and select the Matic Network

4. Go to Marketplace, select one pack, approve the contract, and accept the GMEE & pay the MATIC fee

Approve Contract to Continue

5. Check your dashboard on the G-Bots site, YOU HAVE A PACK!

6. Wait until the unpacking, coming live on December 14th!

During the unpacking, you should expect different rarity probabilities for the G-bot depending on the rarity of your pack.

G-bot rarity chances depending on packs:

Each of the packs has different probabilities for G-Bot rarity, listed below. For example, a legendary pack has an 82% chance to include a legendary G-Bot and an 8% chance to include a mythical G-Bot. See all details below.

Common G-Bot Packs

Common G-Bot Pack

Rare G-Bot Packs

Rare G-Bot Pack

Epic G-Bot Packs

Epic G-Bot Pack

Legendary G-Bot Packs

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