G-Bots Sale and Pack Opening

3 min readNov 10, 2021


1st Pre-sale, 1,000 G-Bots packs sold out in only 4 minutes. What a start!

On December 9th, the sale of G-Bots pack will take place, and we are adding 4,000 packs to the total of 5,000 packs with a pool of limited designs which will never repeat in any further sale.

For this sale, 200 packs will be used for marketing purposes and 3800 will be available in the sale. Make sure you don’t miss out!

G-Bot Packs Sale Dec 9th

These packs contain one G-Bot, and each and one of them has different probabilities for the resulting G-Bot. The opening of packs will be available starting on December 14th, and we cannot wait to unleash the power of G-Bots onto the metaverse!

Below you can find the packs with their pricing and probabilities depending on the rarity:

If you just cannot wait to own one, you can check the G-Bot Packs collection on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/gbots-gamee

Pack Opening Dec 14th

After the sale is over, you will be able to open your pack and reveal the G-Bot inside! All packs have a minimum secured rarity (the one of the pack) for the resulting G-Bot, and some odds to get you a higher rarity. Will the odds be in your favor? We hope so!

On December 14th, or later, you’ll be able to connect your wallet in app.gamee.com and open your pack! Take our word for this: you will be speechless once you see the unpacking animation!

How To Buy G-Bots?

Here’s the TLDR;

1. 💰 First, get GMEE to pay for the G-Bot pack and MATIC to cover the gas fees — both tokens need to be on Polygon! If you need help, scroll down to see how.

2. 🌐 Go to app.gamee.com to see all info and click to get to the Marketplace (Epic, right?)

3. 👛 Connect your wallet (we recommend Metamask), you canNOT use your Arc8 wallet, this needs to be an external wallet that supports Polygon network (Metamask).

4. 🥚 Select one pack, approve the contract, accept the GMEE & the MATIC fees. (LIMIT IS 2 PACKS PER TRANSACTION)

5. ✨ Check your dashboard on the G-Bots site, YOU HAVE A PACK!

6. 🐣 Wait until the unpacking, live on December 14th!

Basically, what’s important is that you own polygon GMEE and MATIC on polygon. Use Metamask, not your Arc8 wallet.

If you want a full walkthrough of the process, check this article:


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