GAMEE | Mine WatPoints Now in the Wat Protocol: Episode 2

Take part in Episode 2 of the Wat Protocol and mine your share of 25M WatPoints!

3 min readApr 22, 2024

The second quest of the Wat Protocol (formerly known as the Phoenix Protocol) — the quest-based initiative for GMEE token holders — is live, and all you need to take part is the Telegram app.

Don’t miss out on the chance to mine yourself a chunk of the mega WatPoint (formerly known as Loot) prize pot.

The WatBird

Here’s what’s in store in Episode 2:

📱Episode 2: Harness the Power of Telegram

The Wat Protocol exists to reward the loyalty of the entire GAMEE community by giving players the chance to earn WatPoints, the utility of which we’re keeping tightly under wraps for now.

And, since we are the world’s biggest gaming platform on Telegram with 50M players, that’s where the Phoenix — and now the WatBird — has landed for Episode 2!

In this episode the mines are calling — your mission is to chip away at the digital rockface and take away as many WatPoints as you can.

And if you haven’t yet played Episode 3 of the WatBird Protocol, there’s still time. Sign up and earn WatPoints each and every day simply by staking the GMEE token!

⛏️ How can I take part in the Telegram WatPoint Mine?

All you need is the Telegram app! Then:

  1. Join @gameechannel on Telegram
  2. Join @WatBird channel on Telegram
  3. Enter the Mining Mini-Game
  4. Click ‘Start Mining’!

To claim your WatPoints at the end of the event, you will also need to sign up on the Wat Protocol page. Don’t worry — we’ll send you a reminder about this on the Telegram channel.

Download Telegram now for iOS or Android.

✨ Become a Mining Pro

Everyone can mine the default number of WatPoints — that’s the easy part.

But if you want a bigger slice of the action (and trust us — you do), then it’s time to put your gaming skills to the test — and maybe even bring a friend or two along for the ride.

Not only will you walk away with a much bigger portion of the WatPoints, you will also be in with a shot of winning special random rewards given to top miners throughout Episode 2.

🤜🤛 Mine with Friends

For every friend you invite to your team via the mining app, you’ll earn even more WatPoints per hour. And, if you get 20 active miners in your team, you’ll see a serious boost to your mining capacity.

🎮🎫 Game the System

We’ve always been about rewarding top gamers, and that’s no different here! Play any game in our massive selection of Telegram games via the @GAMEE bot to win Tickets, which you can then cash in to increase your mining cap.

🔥 More to Come

If you haven’t yet played Episode 3 of the Wat Protocol, then there’s still time. Sign up and earn WatPoints every day by staking the GMEE token.

And watch this space as the Wat Protocol continues to unravel. Not only will later Episodes bring even more ways to earn, but we’ll also finally reveal what WatPoints are for!

The more WatPoints you have, the… well, wait and see ;)

Let the mining commence!

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