GAMEE Token GMEE launched on UniSwap today!

Today our GMEE token was officially launched! We are thrilled to see such a great reaction from the audience right from the start over at Uniswap!

With a total circulation of 12,387,386 GMEE distributed in the following pairs:
GMEE/ETH — 2,815,315 ($250K)
GMEE/USDC — 1,126,126 ($100K)
GMEE/REVV — 2,815,315 ($250K)
GMEE/TOWER — 2,815,315 ($250K)
GMEE/LYM — 2,815,315 ($250K)

The GMEE Tokens can be acquired at Uniswap with these trading pairs:






The team is beyond excited to see our community trading and believing in the projects we are building with such passion. This is just the beginning but we have an exciting long ride ahead!

Follow the trades in these links:



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GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.