GAMEE Token public presale begins on 2 April 2021

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Animoca Brands and its subsidiary GAMEE announced today that the GAMEE Token will begin its public presale at 9 am (UTC) on 2 April 2021, hosted at Animoca Brands is the developer and publisher behind blockchain games F1® Delta Time, MotoGP Ignition™, and The Sandbox, as well as tokens including REVV, TOWER, SAND, and LYM and LMT.

The GAMEE Token is an ERC-20 fungible utility token on the Ethereum blockchain, and is designed to recognize and reward the skill and efforts of players on GAMEE’s social casual gaming platform, and to drive engagement. GAMEE Token will be provided to players as prizes that are earned in games played on the GAMEE platform. The tokens will also be used to pay for entry fees in special tournaments, and will have governance functions including allowing token holders to vote on GAMEE roadmaps, game deployment, and the distribution of prize and rewards pools.

The supply of the GAMEE Token will be fixed at 3,180,000,000. More information on the GAMEE Token is available in the lightpaper.

GAMEE gaming platform

GAMEE is a high-engagement hyper-casual gaming platform where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes for their activity. Founded in 2015, GAMEE currently has 20 million registered users, and has been entering the blockchain gaming world since being acquired by Animoca Brands.

In addition to launching GAMEE Token, GAMEE is also working with parent company Animoca Brands to develop GAMEE non-fungible tokens (NFTs; learn more about NFTs at this video), which will play a significant role in the GAMEE ecosystem. More details will be announced as soon as practicable.

GAMEE Token public presale details

From 9 am (UTC) on 2 April 2021 to 9 am (UTC) on 4 April 2021, GAMEE will hold a public presale for the GAMEE Token hosted at its sister project REVV: Payment will be in REVV, TOWER, SAND, or LYM.

During the public presale, users can purchase NFT vouchers that can be exchanged for GAMEE Tokens. There are two denominations of vouchers available: “5,000 GAMEE Token Voucher” and “10,000 GAMEE Token Voucher”.

The cost of each voucher is calculated using the current value of your chosen payment method (REVV, TOWER, SAND, LYM) and based on a price per GAMEE Token of approximately US$0.03888 each. The 5,000 tokens voucher will be sold for the equivalent of approximately US$194.40, and the 10,000 tokens voucher will be sold for the equivalent of approximately US$388.80.

There are 800 vouchers available for this sale representing a total 5,000,000 GAMEE Tokens; 600 are 5,000 GAMEE Token Vouchers and 200 are 10,000 GAMEE Token Vouchers, available evenly across the four payment options (REVV, TOWER, SAND, LYM).

You can buy a maximum of three vouchers of the same denomination in a single transaction. Vouchers will be redeemable for GAMEE Tokens 3 months after the token listing, the exact date of which will be announced later. The vouchers themselves will not be locked and owners can freely trade them in any secondary markets such as OpenSea.

The contents of this article are meant for general information purposes only. It is not to be construed as an invitation, inducement, recommendation, offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any crypto. The services and crypto described in this article are not available to users of, and this communication is not intended to be acted upon by users in, certain jurisdictions, including US, UK and sanctioned countries. GAMEE reserves the right to adopt technological solutions, including geo-blocking and KYC, to restrict access for users from restricted jurisdictions.

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GAMEE is a the studio behind the Arc8 blockchain gaming platform, where players compete in tournaments and earn rewards.