GAMEE Update Q1/2024: Retro Throwbacks, Telegram Domination and Soft-Staking for GMEE Holders

A comprehensive update on goings on at GAMEE in Q1 of 2024

5 min readApr 5, 2024

From token migrations to exciting new initiatives and epic gaming events, here’s everything you need to know about goings on at GAMEE over the past few months.

Contents of this Update

  • Executive Summary
  • Phoenix Protocol: Engage and Earn
  • Telegram: Web3 Update
  • GMEE Transitions from Polygon to Ethereum
  • Arc8 Retro Season and Collaborations
  • What’s on the Horizon for Q2?

Executive Summary

The first quarter of 2024 marked a period of strategic evolution following a hack on Polygon. Thankfully, we have now begun to successfully migrate the GMEE token from Polygon to Ethereum, and have introduced the innovative Phoenix Protocol, rewarding GMEE holders with Loot Points for their engagement and loyalty.

The quarter also saw GAMEE reach 450,000 DAUs and pull off a truly funky Arc8 Retro Season, which delivered exceptional engagement and rewards to our community. Our strategic partnerships, including collaborations with Unstoppable Domains and Africarare, further enriched the GAMEE ecosystem with unique rewards.

Additionally, GAMEE’s presence on Telegram continued to strengthen; we have successfully brought Web3 to the huge casual gaming audience on Telegram and reinforced our position as the leading gaming community there.

Phoenix Protocol: Engage and Earn

February marked the launch of the thrilling Phoenix Protocol, a brand new chapter for GAMEE, and an innovative earning mechanism tailored for GMEE token holders on Ethereum.

This initiative will eventually see participants completing a series of five exciting quests, with the current Lootmaker being only the first step. This inaugural soft-staking challenge is designed to reward participants not just for engagement, but for loyalty, with Loot Points allocated according to the amount of GMEE held. So far, we’ve awarded over 500 million Loot Points, and we’re just getting started! Sign up here to take part and begin earning!

Telegram: Web3 Update

GAMEE continues to dominate the Telegram platform, now with over 50 million members and growing. Our recent (and largest) update saw the first ever Web3 partnerships for Telegram with a prize pool sponsored by the Whale Telegram bot.

We also introduced wallet integration and cryptocurrency rewards in the form of $TON, further cementing our position as the go-to gaming community on Telegram, and introducing casual gamers to Web3. This quarter, we’ve seen significant growth, not only in membership but in community engagement and excitement, with even bigger things to come in Q2.

GMEE Transitions From Polygon to Ethereum

In light of the security breach we faced on the Polygon network earlier this year, we prioritized the safety and integrity of our community’s assets by immediately freezing GMEE transactions on Polygon. This then led to the strategic migration of the GMEE token to the Ethereum network, where major exchanges list GMEE.

We are now inviting GMEE holders on Polygon to claim their tokens on Ethereum through this dedicated claims process, ensuring a smooth transition for all affected GMEE holders. For most GMEE holders, the process requires only a few clicks.

We’ve included a guide here in an article that also explains the remediation plan in detail. If you hold the GMEE token, then we strongly recommend that you give this one a read.

For those with multi-signature wallets (such as Gnosis Safe users), the process is somewhat different and you should instead follow the guide here.

Arc8 Retro Season: A Nostalgic Triumph

The Retro Season in Arc8 was nothing short of spectacular, thanks to an increase in Beast NFT utility and over $20,000 in rewards given away in three high-profile collaborations.

Highlights of the season:

  • Engagement: Players dedicated over 139,197 hours to their favorite retro games.
  • Rewards: Over $20,000 in rewards were distributed, made up of partner NFTs and tokens.
  • NFTs and More: With 1,946 Beast NFTs minted and an impressive 1,353,354 food items consumed in-game, the season was a banquet of retro treats!

Strategic Collaborations:

Our partnerships have always been impactful, with Retro Season being no exception.

From the unique Valentine’s event with Unstoppable Domains to our collaboration with Africarare and the high-octane Motorverse event, these partnerships have not only diversified the GAMEE ecosystem but also brought over $20,000 in valuable rewards and exclusive experiences to our Beast NFT holders, including high-value web domains, UBU and REVV tokens, and Africarare Land NFTs.

What’s on the Horizon for Q2?

Mocaverse Takeover

The next season began on April 4th and already promises to be the most exciting yet, thanks to the upcoming massive Mocaverse Takeover. We have been working hard behind the scenes to deliver the most action-packed season Arc8 has ever seen. Expect Moca-themed Beasties, foods, games, and special tournaments for Moca ID holders, along with tons of great rewards.

Great Collaborations

There are even more thrilling partnerships coming up — especially if you’re a soccer fan. We don’t want to reveal everything just yet, but these upcoming collaborations are certain to offer even more unique rewards and excitement for our community.

Phoenix Protocol

The next episodes of the Phoenix Protocol are in the pipeline, giving GMEE holders even more chances to earn. More on what’s to come will be revealed very soon! You can earn Loot Points in the first quest right now by signing up here.

Thank you for reading, and here’s to a thrilling 2024 with GAMEE!
The GAMEE Team

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