GAMEE Update Q2/24 | The Wat Protocol, GMEE as a B2B Token, and Huge Community Growth

A rundown on all that happened in GAMEE in Q2 of 2024

4 min readJul 8, 2024

From the launch of the groundbreaking Wat Protocol to monumental community growth and new partnerships, here’s everything you need to know about what may well be GAMEE’s most exciting period — so far!

GAMEE Update Q2/24


  • Executive Summary
  • Wat Protocol
  • Unprecedented Community Growth
  • GMEE Token
  • Major Partnerships and Collaborations
  • What’s on the Horizon for the Rest of 2024?

📝 Executive Summary

The second quarter of 2024 has been a period of remarkable transformation and expansion for GAMEE. The launch of the TON-based Wat Protocol project has taken center stage, propelling our daily active users (DAUs) to an impressive 3 million. We’ve seen extraordinary community growth across Telegram and X, and have leveraged significant partnerships that further enriched the GAMEE ecosystem and added more GMEE to the treasury.

Our innovative efforts have ensured that 32% of the total circulating supply of GMEE is now locked in staking for the Wat Protocol, emphasizing our commitment to our token holders.

Wat Protocol

Q2 saw the official launch of the Wat Protocol, GAMEE’s most ambitious project to date, and is gearing up for integration with the TON blockchain. This initiative includes the upcoming release of WATCoin ($WAT) and offers multiple ways for participants to earn WatPoints.

Episodes in the Wat Protocol:

  • Episode 2: Mining on Telegram — Users can earn WatPoints by participating in mining activities on Telegram.
  • Episode 3: Hard-Staking $GMEE — Token holders can stake their $GMEE to earn WatPoints.
  • Episode 4: NFT Communities — Owners of specific blue-chip NFTs — namely Pudgy, Lil Pudgy, Mocaverse, SanFran_Tokyo, Grapes, and Doodles — as well as Arc8 Beasts, can earn WatPoints every day simply by holding their NFTs in a connected wallet.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Unprecedented Community Growth

Our community has experienced incredible growth this quarter:

🪙 GMEE Token

32% of the total circulating supply of GMEE, equivalent to $8.9 million, is now securely locked in staking for the Wat Protocol. This substantial staking initiative underscores our dedication to maintaining the security and integrity of our ecosystem.

Additionally, we have announced that partners wishing to leverage our significant Telegram audience for growth or engagement must now pay in GMEE. This is bought from the market and then added to the GAMEE Treasury.

🤝 Major Partnerships and Collaborations

Q2 has been marked by significant partnerships that enhance the GAMEE ecosystem:


In this partnership, GAMEE supported the Mocaverse’s upcoming TGE and the launch of the $MOCA token.
It included a one-week takeover on GAMEE’s Telegram, resulting in an additional 28 million GMEE locked in the treasury, 250,000 new Moca IDs, and 650,000 new Moca Telegram members. Furthermore, the Mocaverse Season in Arc8 allowed players to get Moca IDs and compete for Realm Points and various rewards, and introduced Moca-themed Beasties to the game.

OneFootball Club

As an official launch partner for OneFootball’s new One Football Club project, we have integrated special missions in our Arc8 app where players can compete for BALLS. Future missions will offer exciting rewards, including signed football shirts from elite players.

🔮 What’s on the Horizon for the Rest of 2024?

  • GMEE — B2B Token: We will double down on turning GMEE into a B2B token that allows brands and partners to access and engage our huge audience, bringing about big sinks for the token.
  • A New Way to Collect WatPoints: We’re developing an innovative new gamified mining game in which our users on Telegram can earn even more WatPoints.
  • Release of WatCoin on TON: WatCoin ($WAT) will be launched on the TON blockchain.
  • More Solid Partnerships: We have several exciting partnerships in the pipeline that will continue to bring unique rewards and experiences to our community, as well as more GMEE to the treasury.

Thank you for being a part of GAMEE’s incredible journey!

Here’s to an even greater Q3.
From everybody in the GAMEE Team.

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