GAMEE Update Q4/23 | Arc8 GameFest, GMEE Token Utility, and More!

4 min readDec 21, 2023

It’s officially a wrap on 2023, and we’re excited to share the events and milestones achieved in Q4. This quarter has been a flurry of excitement, innovation, and community growth, solidifying our position in the Web3 gaming space.

In this update:

  • Executive Summary
  • Arc8 GameFest
  • Dominance on Telegram
  • New Games and Updates
  • Beast Utility
  • GMEE Token Momentum
  • Strategic Partnership with hi
  • Upcoming Collaborations

Executive Summary

The final quarter of 2023 has been a period of achievements and growth for GAMEE. One standout highlight was the inaugural Arc8 GameFest, an event which attracted over 1.4 million gameplays and featured our largest-ever prize pool of $120,000 in tokens and NFTs. GAMEE’s dominance on Telegram was further cemented with over 50 million players and a 2023 expansion of 9.8 million players.

Our portfolio of games in Arc8 expanded with exciting new additions and themed makeovers, while the introduction of Luck mining for Beast NFTs enhanced their in-app utility. The GMEE token’s listing on key exchanges and a notable collaboration with have broadened our token’s utility and reach.

The Inaugural Arc8 GameFest (Nov 16–30)

Our largest event yet, the Arc8 GameFest, boasted a $120,000 prize pool in tokens and NFTs from across the Web3 sphere, with special token bonuses for Beast NFT holders. Here’s a look at the impact:

  • 6,500 GameFest Passes minted
  • Front-page featuring and promotion by OpenSea
  • Over 50,000 hours of gameplay
  • Over 1.4 million gameplays
  • 30-minute average daily playtime per player

GameFest also saw the introduction of incredible new games built in collaboration with some of our biggest partners. We saw the introduction of Gravity Unicorns (with Crypto Unicorns), Neon Racer (with REVV Motorsport), Hooked 2048 (with Hooked Protocol), and a return of fan-favorite Into the Mocaverse (with the Mocaverse).

Find out more about GameFest here.

№1 On Telegram

GAMEE continues to reign as the largest gaming platform on Telegram, now with over 50 million players. This year alone, we’ve welcomed 9.8 million new players and witnessed over 1.4 billion gameplays. And, thanks to our new partnership with Telegram, all of this culminated in the launch of a competition for $7500 in $TON that launched on December 13th.

More Telegram competitions will be coming soon — follow @gameetoken on X for all the latest news.

Games: Expanding the Arcadeverse

Alongside the branded games during GameFest, we topped off a year of amazing new games with our latest offering, Moonshot. In this action-packed game, players bounce their way across the lunar surface destroying enemy aliens and avoiding spike traps.

Q4 also featured themed makeovers for our popular live multiplayer game, Disc-O Mania, including special Halloween and festive skins.

Beast Utility

The long-awaited Luck mining feature went live in Q4, giving further utility to our native Beast NFTs. Players can now use surplus Beast NFTs to mine Luck — with rarer Beasts having bigger multipliers. Luck is then spent in Lucky Events to win tokens and other in-app currencies such as coins, Gems and Energy.

Beasts’ token multipliers also came into effect in Q4, during GameFest. Half the daily token prize pool was divided exclusively among Beast owners, with those that had more Beasts and higher multipliers claiming a bigger chunk of the rewards.

GMEE Token Listing

GMEE is now listed on three highly esteemed exchanges — Bitget, Coinstore, and BTSE, further expanding its reach and increasing options for GMEE holders. BTSE even offered a special bonus for the first 500 GMEE depositors, doubling their GMEE up to $10.

Hi Partnership

Our collaboration with the Web3 neo-banking app hi has already kicked off with a successful staking program, where users can stake GMEE and earn part of a $12,000 bonus pool. More on the next phase of this partnership below!

A Look Ahead

Here’s a taste of what we’ve got coming up.

Decentral Games Collaboration (Dec 28th-Jan 4th)

Our second collaboration with Decentral Games features an exclusive league for Beast owners, with a prize pool of $2000 in $ICE and $50,000 Bonus USDT redeemable in Decentral Games.

The Next GameFest

Preparations are already in motion for the next GameFest in 2024. Follow our socials for the latest updates.

GMEE Utility With Hi

Thanks to our partnership with hi, from early in 2024, you will be able to use your GMEE for everyday purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted! All you will need is the hi app on your phone. Find out more here.

Stay connected with us on X at @gameetoken and other social platforms for more exciting updates and opportunities. Here’s to a fantastic 2024!

Thank you, as always, for your support!
The GAMEE Team

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