GMEE Liquidity Mining Event

Announcing a six-week long GMEE Liquidity Mining Event between May 18th and June 29th! Earn GMEE tokens by providing liquidity for the GMEE-ETH pair on Uniswap V2 liquidity and staking it on our site! It will go live on Tuesday the 18th, so make sure you set up a reminder!

With a pool of 100k GMEE Tokens, GMEE/ETH LP token holders will be able to stake to earn their share of the pool every second. The longer these LP tokens are staked, the higher the rewards will be!

This comes as the first staking event GAMEE is holding in preparation for bigger ones with future collaborations and the incoming announcement of the launch of the G-Bots.

Remember the sooner you start your staking, the longer you will be able to earn GMEE Tokens during the event! Staking and unstaking can be done at any time, but 6 weeks are better than 2!

Stay tuned for more news around this event and happy staking!

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