GMEE listing on DigiFinex Exchange!

Celebrating our new listing Polygon GMEE/USDT on DigiFinex on October 14th! Digifinex and GAMEE are collaborating in trading events with 100,000 GMEE in rewards. If you are thinking about getting your hands on some GMEE, now is your time!

We will launch the following events:

To participate in this event, users should:

1. Follow the Facebook or Twitter accounts of DigiFinex and the Twitter account of GAMEE.

2. Share or retweet our listing post of GAMEE with the hashtag #DigiFinexListsGAMEE and tag three of your friends.
3. Save the links and screenshots of the retweet as well as your DigiFinex UID and contact the event exclusive customer service Mary to participate.

Users will be picked randomly to receive an airdrop of 200 GMEE each.

During this campaign, both new and old users whose trading volume (buys & sells) exceed 100 USDT and rank among the TOP 10 will be qualified to share 80,000 GMEE. Each user’s share of rewards depends on the proportion of transaction volume.

Reward formula: Reward of each user = (personal trading volume / total trading volume of the top 10 users) * 80,000 GMEE.

We will put 10,000 GMEE in a candy box where users can earn a 0.3% daily interest by staking GMEE. The lock-up period ranges from 5–25 days. First come, first served.

Note: Any inappropriate way to rack up activity rewards is prohibited. If there are any dishonest behaviours or acts against DigiFInex risk control rules, the related user will be disqualified from this event, and rewards will be cancelled. Measures like banning account will be taken in response to serious cheating behaviours.

Read the full article by Digifinex here.

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GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.