GMEE Mining App is LIVE!

This is the pre-launch phase of ARC8 where you can mine GMEE crypto tokens for 4 weeks. Once full ARC8 is launched, you will be able to use your tokens to play tournaments and purchase G-Bot NFTs once they are launched. The faster you mine the tokens, the sooner you’ll get in!

Download the app here:

To get exclusive access, use our referral code: GAMEESocial

How it works!


Every mining session runs for 24 hours, then it stops. Turn on the notifications, sit back, relax. We will let you know when to come back and start a new session.


Build your team. Every new user who uses your referral code or link becomes a member of your team. Every active team member boosts your mining rate. The bigger your team is, the faster you mine. Simple math!


Once a day you can poke inactive members of your team. By doing that, you will send them a notification to remind them to start their mining session. Remember, only active team members help you mine!


ARC8 is launching in a few weeks. This is your unique chance to start with your wallet full of GMEE tokens and win more in skill-based games. Keep up with the news in the app. Feel free to read our whitepaper if you want to know all the details!

More users mean more GMEEs!

In order to incentivize our users, we have set community goals so that every single user can play a role in the rewards for all the users.

Take a look at our community goals: HERE!

As a bonus, we have a BOUNTY PROGRAM for the top referring users in the app!

We’ll be distributing 35,000 GMEE tokens to the top 50 users with the largest team!


GAMEE, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is a high-engagement mobile gaming platform powered by the GMEE token, recognizing and rewarding players for their skill, effort, and loyalty. GAMEE was founded in 2015 in the Czech Republic and now has 30 million registered users. Find out more on and or get updates by following GAMEE on Twitter.

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Lightpaper $GMEE:

GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.