GMEE Token arrives in BSC on ApeSwap!

3 min readNov 30, 2021

GMEE Token is coming to BSC by the hand of ApeSwap. Also, you can now bridge GMEE to BSC by using AnySwap!

Get GMEE now on ApeSwap!

Bridging your GMEE to Binance Smart Chain:

As Apeswap is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you will need to bridge your Ethereum-based GMEE to BSC. This will first be done through AnySwap to get GMEE on BSC, and then get all the earning benefits on ApeSwap!

Bridging with AnySwap:

Step 1: Head over to Anyswap

Step 2: Select your GMEE on ETH to swap for GMEE on BSC

  • Select GMEE on ETH
  • Select GMEE on BSC
  • Approve GMEE Contract

Step 3: Select the Balance to swap!

  • Select the amount of GMEEs on ETH you want to swap for GMEE on BSC
  • Click on “Swap”.
  • Approve the transaction
  • You are all set! You now have GMEE on BSC on your wallet!

Step 4: Visualizing BSC GMEE on your wallet

Once your GMEE is on BSC, you can head over to ApeSwap, add liquidity to the GMEE/BNB pool (which will require the equivalent value in BNB), and start earning rewards!

GMEE on ApeSwap

GAMEE and ApeSwap are launching a liquidity pool for the GMEE-BNB pair on the BANANA farm. By adding liquidity to the GMEE-BNB pair, BANANA can be earned.

From December 2nd, you can select to earn GMEE rewards by adding BANANA to the GMEE rewards pool!

Increase your earnings of GMEE by providing liquidity to the GMEE-BNB pools and staking your BANANAs!

Here you can see the how-tos for ApeSwap:

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