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A quarterly update about GAMEE’s Arc8 application

It’s June, and that means it’s time for the second quarterly update of 2023. If you are a GMEE token holder, an Arc8 aficionado or are curious about the functionality of the GMEE token in the revamped Arc8, then this one is for you.

Executive Summary

Arc8 has recently received its first major update of 2023, with a second to follow in Q3. Launched on June 13, 2023, the fully revamped application is designed to provide an innovative yet familiar web2 gaming experience, and then onboard players into web3 via the concept of NFT ownership and potential token incentive.

Competitive web3 play is now to be found in the Arc8 League, the inaugural season of which offers NFT pass holders an $18,000 prize pool of tokens and rewards. The Arc8 League pass is only purchasable with GMEE, in line with the plan outlined in the previous Token Holder Update whereby GMEE serves as an access token to provide a more sustainable token economy.

The State of Play

The second quarter of 2023 has seen some positive developments; player retention increased from 31% in Q1 to 37.4% in Q2, while the most notable change has been a significant increase in playing time, with 403,912 hours in total, compared to Q1’s figure of 354,759.

The main event during Q2 was one of Arc8’s most prestigious partnerships yet, namely a collaboration with the Mocaverse NFT collection.

The first event in partnership with Animoca Brands’ flagship NFT collection took place over a 7-day period in Into the Mocaverse, a game specially rebranded for the event and which spelled the inaugural utility for Mocaverse NFTs. Further such events are planned for the future.

Some statistics from the first event:

High Average Playtime

  • 251 Into the Mocaverse games per player
  • 31.5 minutes per day per player

Brand Exposure

  • 14,500 players played the game
  • 3,315 hours of gameplay time

Rewards Paid Out

  • 10,000 MATIC
  • Moca XP
  • 25 Moca-themed G-Bot Starters

Arc8 Upgrade

The new iteration of Arc8 is now live on iOS and Android, having received its first major upgrade of 2023, with a second to follow in Q3.

What’s new in Arc8?

Game Experience

  • Overhauled UI
  • League-based competitive play
  • New season structure, beginning with the Galaxy Season
  • Implementation of Streaks, where each consecutive victory offers more rewards

Economy & Tokenomics

  • GMEE is used to purchase in-game items and the Arc8 League Pass
  • Introduction of new F2P monetization mechanics with ads and in-app purchases
  • Implementation of an in-app shop
  • Arc8 League for web3 competitive play

Web3 Onboarding

  • Players come to web3 via a more familiar web2 experience
  • The Arc8 League structure mirrors that of web2 leagues
  • Token airdrops via in-app events
  • The second Arc8 upgrade will further facilitate web3 onboarding

This update lays the foundation for what Arc8 is set to become: the top mobile blockchain gaming platform with both web2 & web3 play. This means Arc8 will appeal more to the huge casual mobile gaming market, thereby allowing us to expand our player base and increase the number of people we can onboard to web3.

See the image below for how this process is designed to function.

Arc8’s Web3 Onboarding Flow

At present, the following parts of the above flow have been implemented:

  • Free gameplay supported by traditional web2 monetization (ads and optional in-app purchases — soon to be possible with GMEE)
  • Win web2 rewards that allow players to enter partner web3 events and collect airdropped tokens and NFTs with functionality in other games, thereby acting as a user acquisition model for Arc8 partners
  • Arc8 League Pass NFT, mintable with GMEE and created for those who are already savvy to the workings of web3 and wish to compete immediately for large token prize pools and NFTs

The other sections in the flow will be implemented in the second major upgrade of 2023, coming in Q3. More will be announced regarding this update via Medium and Twitter in the coming months.

The Arc8 League

Web3 competitive play is now found in the all-new Arc8 League. The first season runs from July 11–August 11 and is titled Season 0, given that it is our small-scale trial season to hone the mechanics of the new Arc8 League.

In total, just 555 Arc8 League Passes are available for this inaugural season, and these have initially been offered to our Discord community, top Arc8 players, trusted partners, and GMEE token holders, prior to the public sale on June 28th. The minting price for the public sale is 9500 GMEE, while those to whom we first offer it can mint it for an 80% discount of 1900 GMEE.

The pool of rewards for the first Arc8 League Season totals $18,000 and comprises:

  • $10,000 in MATIC and USDT
  • 555 MATIC-themed G-Bot Starters
  • 555 Planet IX Starter Packs
  • 20 Mystery NFTs
  • 20 BoomLand Genesis Chests
  • A mystery NFT

Sign up here for your chance to be whitelisted. More information can be found here on our FAQ page.

GMEE Token

The GMEE token is now an access token, as set out in our roadmap and described in the last token holder update. Players can use GMEE to purchase an Arc8 League Pass NFT, or to make in-app purchases on Arc8.

There are currently 59,000 holders of the GMEE token, split between the following networks:

  • Polygon: 56,000 holders
  • Ethereum: 2,300 holders
  • BNB Chain: 1,500 holders

Twitter Spaces

GAMEE CEO Bozena Rezab will be taking part in a Twitter Space on June 20 at 1 PM UTC to discuss the updates to the app and the utility of the GMEE token.

Follow Arc8 on Twitter and take part in the event here.

The next quarterly Token Holder Update is due in September, and will reveal key details about the characters coming to Arc8, Arc8 League Pass pricing, and further upgrades to Arc8.

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