GMEE Token lands on BSC!

The GMEE token is making its way across chains, and has landed on BSC! This, in addition to the ability to bridge GMEE to BSC using AnySwap, the friction across chains has been reduced!

$GMEE won the Farm Auction!

$GMEE has won Farm Auction #10 on Pancakeswap and is live with the GMEE-BNB pair. Provide liquidity with GMEE-BNB LPs to earn CAKE!

You can visit the farm here:

With the GMEE-BNB pair, you can contribute liquidity on ApeSwap and get rewarded in BANANA!

In addition to that, by staking GNANA/BANANA you will earn $GMEE from a reward pool. You can unstake at any time and rewards are calculated per block. The event will be running for 12 weeks with a prize pool of $300.0000 in $GMEE tokens! Here’s how:

$GMEE has also been listed in Poloniex Exchange with the GMEE/USDT pair!

Yes, GMEE is on a wild ride! We welcome the BSC community to the GAMEE family!

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Make always sure you interact with the right contract address, here is GMEE on Binance Smart Chain:

Stay Tuned with GAMEE:




GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.