GMEE Trading Competition: 140,000 $GMEE to Give Away!

Details of this $GMEE Trading Competition:

There are several ways to participate in the competition.

  • GMEE Trading Competition: enter the 80,000 GMEE Prize Pool!
  • KuCoin & GAMEE Lucky Draw: claim Your Welcome Bonus!

Play and Earn:

During the campaign, you will be able to earn $GMEE from a 30,000 pool following these steps:

  • Subscribe for the newsletter updates of GMEE.

GMEE Trading Competition:

The top 30 accounts with the highest trading volume of the GMEE/USDT trading pair on KuCoin will win a share of 80,000 GMEE!

KuCoin & GAMEE Lucky Draw:

Users with a trading volume of 300 GMEE or more will enter the lucky draw. KuCoin will randomly choose 100 lucky traders and the chosen ones will receive 300 GMEE tokens as a reward.


Here are the top ten $GMEE traders. There have been a lot of winners and they’ll receive the rewards in the following days!

Let us know if you have any questions!




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