How to send GMEE to your Arc8 wallet

4 min readOct 21, 2021


Arc8 is here and now you can transfer your GMEEs into your Arc8 Wallet to be able to play matches & tournaments, and earn GMEE prizes. While we work on more ways to top up your account, here are 3 ways to get Polygon GMEE and send it to your Arc8 Wallet:

  1. Directly exchange $GMEE for USDT in Digifinex
  2. Swap MATIC for $GMEE on Quickswap
  3. Bridge Ethereum $GMEE to Polygon $GMEE

From your own blockchain wallet, just send your GMEE to your Arc8 address and enjoy the new era of mobile esports on the blockchain!

1. Directly exchange $GMEE for USDT in Digifinex

1- Create an account on and look for the GMEE/USDT pair on their market list.


2- Buy your Polygon GMEE tokens with USDT as you would in most exchanges by selecting the price and amount of GMEE you’d like to buy. Once the order is completed, you’ll have your GMEE!

Remember these GMEE are on the Polygon network, so make sure select the Polygon network when you are sending them to your wallet!

Visit this link to get directly to the pair and join the future of the blockchain esports!

2. Swapping Matic for GMEE in Quickswap

1- Go to this link, which will take you to our GMEE token in quickswap and click “Trade”.

This will take you to import the right token. Always check the right contracts when doing this! This is $GMEE on Polygon: 0xcf32822ff397Ef82425153a9dcb726E5fF61DCA7

2- Once Imported, just select how much MATIC you want and just click on “Swap”. Approve the transaction, and voi lá! You got yourself GMEE on Polygon!

You can also bridge your ETH GMEE onto Polygon GMEE. Here’s the full guide.

3. Bridge Ethereum to Polygon

If you want to use your GMEE tokens to play in Arc8, you’ll need to bridge the Ethereum based GMEEs to Polygon based GMEEs.

1- First, go to and connect your wallet. Select your wallet and approve the contract, and we are ready to start!

We’ll use Metamask for the example

2- Now, you will be on the polygon main net list of tokens where you can see your balances on the Polygon network. Above the list, you will see the “Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon” button. Just click on it, and let’s go onto step 3.

3- Now, on this window, select your GMEE on ETHEREUM, choose the amount you want, and click on Transfer! Then it’s just all about approving the transaction and we are almost all set!

Voilà! You just got yourself Polygon GMEE on your own wallet!


This is the easy part! Visit the “Receive Tokens” in your Arc8 app, where you will be able to both use the QR code or copy the address where you should send your GMEEs.

Time to enjoy low transaction fees to enjoy our games!

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We will soon update this article with the steps on how to get GMEEs with credit card in the Arc8 app, stay tuned!

For more ways to get your GMEE tokens, visit the full guide with all the ways to get your hands on the crypto that’s changing mobile e-sports:

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