How to get GMEE tokens

$GMEE is the ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain for the GAMEE ecosystem. $GMEE will allow users to take part in game tournaments within GAMEE Arc8 and buy and sell GAMEE NFTs such as G-Bots and Game Parcels.

How can I get $GMEE? Here are the current options:

$GMEE on Ethereum:

  1. Swap ETH for $GMEE on UniSwap
  2. Trade $GMEE with USDT on MXC Exchange
  3. Trade $GMEE with USDT on KuCoin
  4. Trade $GMEE with USDT on BitMart
  5. Swap ETH for $GMEE on SushiSwap

$GMEE on Polygon — you need this one to play on Arc8 & buy our G-Bots:

  1. Swap MATIC for $GMEE on QuickSwap
  2. Trade Polygon $GMEE with USDT on Digifinex

You can always bridge your $GMEE tokens from Ethereum to Polygon and back, here is how:

1. Swapping GMEE Tokens on Uniswap

GMEE tokens can be swapped from ETH on the UniSwap exchange in a few very quick steps. We will guide you through the process to get your first GMEE tokens on your wallet.

If you don’t have a Metamask wallet already set up, check below to find the quick guide.

1- Access on your browser (always make sure to check the URL is the right one to avoid troubles).

2- Click on “Connect Wallet” and choose your wallet.

3- Once you’ve connected your wallet, you will see your balance (ETH is pre-selected by default). Now, you can click on “Select Token”, and search for GMEE in the list:

4- Choose how much you want to swap into GMEE, and then click on “Swap”. You will need to confirm the swap at the current change (note that the prices are continuously fluctuating, so you might need to accept the current one if a change happens).

5- Metamask and other wallet extensions will also ask for confirmation of the transaction. The fees do also fluctuate, so you can always reject or confirm when you find a desirable ETH transaction fee. Depending on the gas spent, transactions will take more or less time until they show.

6- You just got your first GMEE tokens! You can celebrate being part of this exciting ride.

7- To finish off, you just need to go to “Add Token”, and search for the GMEE token or paste the GMEE smart contract.


To use MetaMask, you will need either Chrome, a Chromium-based browser such as Brave, Safari, or Firefox.

1- Install Metamask: Open Extension Category on your browser and search for “Metamask”.

2- Click on “Add to Brave” (or equivalent browser, the workflow is the same for all of them)

3- Click on the “Create a wallet” button:

4- Choose a password and click on “create”

5- Write down your Secret Backup Phrase. Do NOT share this with anyone, and make sure you don’t lose this. Without it, you won’t be able to access or restore your account

6- Select each phrase in order to make sure it is correct then click “Confirm”.

Yay! You just got your own Metamask account!

2. Trade $GMEE on MXC Exchange

Create an account at and look for the GMEE token on the list of markets:

(You can also visit this link to go directly there:

Once in the GMEE/USDT pair, just select the amount of USDT you’d like to trade for GMEE at the current rate. You’ll first need to top up your account with USDT.

3. Trade $GMEE on KuCoin

Create an account on and look for the GMEE/USDT pair on their market list.

Once there, you will be able to buy your GMEE tokens with USDT the same way it works in most exchanges. Select the price and the amount of GMEE you’d like to buy, and wait for the order to complete!

(You can also directly visit this link to the pair:

4. Trade $GMEE on BitMart

In a similar process to those above, get yourself an account on and look for GMEE on their USD markets. Select the GMEE/USDT pair, and start trading!

Below the graph with all the green and red candles, you can select the price at which you’d like to purchase your GMEE tokens and wait for the orders to complete.

(Here you also have the direct link to the trading pair once you are already registered on BitMart:

5. Swapping GMEE Tokens on SushiSwap

After UniSwap, GMEE was also added to SushiSwap increasing the user getting their hands on GMEE tokens.

The process is simple: visit, connect your wallet and swap your ETH for GMEE tokens in an instant!

First: connect your wallet on the ETH network and click on “Select a token”.

Second: on the search bar, type in “gmee” and import the token* from CoinGecko.
*When doing this in any swap platform, double check the contract is the correct one present on,total%20volume%20exchanged%20of%20%24748%2C163, which is: 0xd9016a907dc0ecfa3ca425ab20b6b785b42f2373)

Next, select the amoun of ETH you’d like to swap for GMEE and click on “Swap”. After this, you’ll get to a confirmation dialogue with all the information around the transaction.

Lastly, check all the information included such as the exchange rate and the fees involved, and click on “confirm Swap”

6. Swapping GMEE Tokens on QuickSwap

After the successful launch of Arc8 Community Network in partnership with Polygon, GMEE got listed on QuickSwap.

Let’s do it simple, visit: and click on “Trade”

This will take you to import the right token. Always check the right contracts when doing this! This is $GMEE on Polygon: 0xcf32822ff397Ef82425153a9dcb726E5fF61DCA7

Once Imported, just select how much MATIC you want and just click on “Swap”. Approve the transaction, and voi lá! You got yourself GMEE on Polygon!

*You can also bridge your ETH GMEE onto Polygon GMEE. Here’s the full guide.

6. Trade Polygon $GMEE with USDT on Digifinex

Create an account on and look for the GMEE/USDT pair on their market list.


Buy your Polygon GMEE tokens with USDT as you would in most exchanges by selecting the price and amount of GMEE you’d like to buy. Once the order is completed, you’ll have your GMEE!

Remember these GMEE are on the Polygon network, so make sure select the Polygon network when you are sending them to your wallet!

Visit this link to get directly to the pair and join the future of the blockchain esports!

You are all set! 🎇

As we keep on listing GMEE on more platforms, and the number of holders increases, we will keep updating this post with all the ways how you can get your hands on GMEE tokens.

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NOTE: Please remember to always check the contract address you are interacting with.

GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.