How to get your G-Bot on Arc8

The wait is coming to an end! On January 6th, at 1 pm UTC, you will be able to finally open your G-Bot Packs and join the Sky Lords tournaments on Arc8 to earn $GMEE!


Once there, you will see the “Open Pack” button which will activate the opening process. First, click on it, and confirm the transaction on your wallet. Once it’s confirmed, you will see a full screen with a pulsing pack. Once the pack is ready, the “Reveal” button becomes active and will allow you to start opening your pack! Please, do let us know what you think about the animation because we find it to be extremely cool 🤩.

Once your G-Bot is revealed, you will be able to click on “See G-Bot Stats” to see the full details of your G-Bot. You can see all your G-Bots in your inventory section, and now you will be able to brag about how cool your G-Bot army looks on all your socials 😎.


The process is pretty straightforward:

  • You can open the detail screen of any of your G-Bots, and click on the three dots menu in the top right corner, where you will find the “send” option.
  • Click on send, paste your Arc8 Wallet address (you can find it in your Arc8 mobile app in the wallet section), and approve the transaction. Remember that you will need to have some MATIC to be able to complete this transaction.
  • Once your G-Bot is deposited in your Arc8 wallet, you will be able to see it in your Arc8 app.
  • G-Bots have a cooldown period of a few hours when sent to your Arc8 wallet, and once it’s over, you will be able to use it on the Sky Lords tournaments!


The day has come, and the Sky Lords game has landed in Arc8 exclusively for G-Bot owners! With a total prize pool of 350,000 $GMEE during this pre-season, G-Bot owners will be able to take part in daily tournaments with $GMEE prizes.

Once your G-Bot is in your Arc8 wallet and the cooldown period has finished, you will find the Sky Lords tournament is unlocked in the tournament section. To join, just follow the same steps as for the other tournaments: join, focus and show off your skills! These tournaments will run daily, distributing 13,500 $GMEE every day until January 31st!

When sending G-Bots from one wallet to another, there’s a cooldown period, so multiple accounts will not be able to play the tournaments with the same G-Bot, which would not be fair for the rest of the players. Also, using multiple accounts to participate in the tournaments may result in a permanent ban.

Cheating prevention remains one of our top priorities to ensure fair play and keep the competitive aspect intact and we will be taking active steps to remove and ban cheaters. One more thing — in order to get your $GMEE prize from the Sky Lords tournament your G-Bot needs to be in your Arc8 wallet at the moment of the prize claim.

Now it’s your time to start playing and earning with your G-Bots! Show us your high scores on Discord and Twitter, and let us know what G-Bot you got!

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