🙌Welcome to our second GMEE staking event! With a pool of 250.000 GMEEs, we have 6 weeks of earning rewards!

Starting July 8th, 9 am UTC until August 19th, at 9 am UTC, provide liquidity with the GMEE/ETH pair, you earn GMEE tokens every second. You can stake and unstake at any time, but the longer your LP tokens are staked, the more GMEEs you will earn!

Stake your $GMEE at:


1- First, if you don’t own any ETH/GMEE LP tokens, head over to and get yours! (Here you can learn how to get GMEE tokens: how to get GMEE)

2- Select the pair ETH/GMEE and supply liquidity by clicking on “supply”.

3- Confirm your supply and complete the transaction

4- Once your transaction has been completed, head over to and connect your wallet. Once it’s connected, approve your contract and we are almost there!

*Go to 4.1 if you are doing it from mobile

Connect wallet and Approve contract

4.1- If you are using mobile, you will need to use a Web3 compatible browser to connect your wallet. Most wallet native apps have a browser.

On Metamask, go to the sidebar menu and select “Browser”. Once here, the process is the same as on the desktop when visiting

5- Once the contract has been approved, it’s time to stake your LP tokens! Click on the “+” button to start staking.

Click on the “+” button

Select the amount and confirm!

Confirm your stake

Wait for your transaction to confirm. It will take more or less time depending on the gas fees.

Pending transaction

6- Staking transaction completed successfully and… you are all set

Staked successfully!

Now, sit down and relax. Wait and see your GMEEs increasing! You can stake at any time, but the longer you leave it staked during the liquidity mining event, the more GMEEs you’ll get!


Staking site:

GMEEs growing! 🥰

Let us know if you have any questions!




Lightpaper $GMEE:



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