Huge GMEE Giveaways — Weekly Airdrops Are Now in Arc8

TL;DR: A thousand players will win GMEE token rewards by collecting enough tickets in Arc8 to enter the Thursday draw — this week’s top prize is 15,000 GMEE

There are multiple ways to build your GMEE balance in Arc8 — daily tournaments, head-to-head battles, and now Weekly Airdrops. These weekly draws are our way of showing thanks to our amazing Arc8 community — and entry couldn’t be any simpler.

How to enter?
Entering the Weekly Airdrop is completely automatic. All you have to do is collect a set number of tickets. Get enough of them and boom! — you’re in the draw. Rewards will be given to a thousand lucky players — the more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning.

How to get tickets
WIN! Outdunk your opponent in Hoop Shot, outscore them in Man City Striker, or crush them in whichever game you love most. Both victories in 1v1 games and completing qualification in Arc8 will reward tickets. You can keep track of your tickets in the app — though you will only see them if you have updated to version 1.5.6.

Here is how many you’ll earn for the first Weekly Airdrop competition:

  • Win a 1v1 token match — 20 tickets
  • Complete qualification in any game — 30 tickets

The Weekly Airdrop Draw
The random draw will happen every Thursday at 1PM UTC. If you have the required number of tickets (or more) to participate, they are all entered into the draw and won’t be returned — each ticket is one entry.

And, great news! If you haven’t reached the required number of tickets when the draw is held, all is not lost — you will get to keep all of them, making it an easy ride to qualify for the next draw.

You will be able to check out all the winners in the app one hour later. However, there’s no need to wait around — the next event will begin right away, giving you a full week to pile up those tickets and boost your chances of winning a reward.

The First Weekly Airdrop — 21–28 July
The first Weekly Airdrop draw will be on July 28th, and you can start collecting tickets from July 21st. For the first draw, you will need at least 1000 tickets to enter. Earn even more than that to improve your chances of having one of the lucky tickets!

Prize Pools
The bit you’ve been waiting for — how much is up for grabs! The amount in the prize pool may vary from week to week, but we’re kicking things off with a total prize pool of over 34,000 GMEE, including a huge jackpot for one lucky player of 15,000 GMEE.

Weekly Airdrop Rewards are given out in six tiers, where all the players in a tier receive the same amount. Let’s take a look at how the rewards are distributed for the first Weekly Airdrop:

  • Tier 1: 1st Place — 15,000 GMEE
  • Tier 2: 2nd–10th Place — 1,000 GMEE
  • Tier 3: 11th–50th Place — 200 GMEE
  • Tier 4: 51st–100th Place — 20 GMEE
  • Tier 5: 101st–500th place — 3 GMEE
  • Tier 6: 501st–1000th Place — 1 GMEE

And what if you enter but don’t win? Don’t worry — there’s also a consolation prize. You will receive 5% of the number of tickets that were required to enter the Weekly Airdrop. So, if the required number was at least 1000 tickets, for instance, you will receive 50 tickets. That way, you get a head start against the competition.

Remember, every ticket is one entry to the draw. The more tickets you get, the better your chances of winning. So, are you ready? Flex those fingers, plot your winning strategy, and game on — you just might be one of the lucky one thousand! Download Arc8 for iOS and Android.

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