Introducing OMP — the New Token to Power G-Bot Breeding, Upgrading and Evolving

4 min readAug 31, 2022


The OMP token will be essential for G-Bot NFT breeding, evolution and upgrading (coming October 5th), and at present can only be acquired as an exclusive reward in Arc8’s G-Bot game tournaments

Check out the launch video for Omega Particles (OMP)

It started with a wormhole. Scientists from Earth sent a probe to inspect this anomaly that had appeared in the solar system, only to discover that what lay beyond it was something they could never have anticipated — a desolate planet, littered with the remnants of a civilization long gone. And in the dirt itself, a particle fizzing with so much power that it would solve all of humanity’s energy problems, and become a new source of wealth, of prosperity, and of greed…

These particles became known as Omega Particles, or OMP, and they are what gives G-Bots their life-force. And soon, they will also support a whole host of new G-Bot functionalities. In its tokenized form, it is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon network, and you can get it exclusively by competing in G-Bot gaming tournaments in Arc8.

Here are all the amazing things OMP will soon allow you to do from October 5th:

1. Breeding

Add to the ranks of your G-Bot army by creating your own unique NFT! G-Bot owners can now combine 2–5 adult G-Bots (not Starters) to breed a whole new Baby Bot.

Each time a G-Bot breeds, it donates one of its Energy Cores, so a G-Bot with three Energy Cores, for example, can breed three times. One Energy Core is burned in the process, meaning that a Baby Bot has as many Energy Cores as it has parents — minus one. (Eg. A Baby Bot with five parents will have four Energy Cores).

The amount of OMP you need will vary depending on the number of parent G-bots involved and their rarity levels, along with their COP (current overall power).

Also, the higher the rarity of the parents, the more likely the G-Bot is to have a higher rarity. The final rarity of the Baby Bot is determined by the rarity of the parents, and how high their COP is. You cannot breed a Baby Bot that has a higher rarity level than any of its parents.

2. Upgrading

Not happy with your G-Bots stats? Now you can choose which stats you want to upgrade and use your OMP to give them a vital boost, with the maximum limit depending on your G-Bot’s MOP (maximum overall potential).

Each time you upgrade, you have 9 points to distribute among the stats, and can use a maximum of 3 on any single stat at once.

You must also upgrade your Baby Bots to their Evolution Point and can focus on the stats that matter most to you. When you’ve upgraded it to its Evolution Point — which varies according to its rarity — you can evolve the Baby Bot into an adult G-Bot!

3. Evolving

As soon as your Baby Bot has been upgraded to its Evolution Point, it’s ready to enter the adult world and take on the trials of the Metaverse. Evolution has the potential to increase your G-Bot’s rarity, and it is the only way to get the rarest G-Bot of all — an Ultimate level G-Bot!

Take a look at this table to see what the probability is of increasing your Baby Bot’s rarity:

The top row shows your Baby Bot’s rarity. Look down the column to see the probability of the Baby Bot’s rarity when it evolves into an adult G-Bot

Evolve it into an adult and it’s yours to do with as you wish — battle it out with other G-Bots in Dark Lords or Energy Wars, give it to a friend, or even sell it on OpenSea!

The amount of OMP and GMEE you need for these different actions will vary according to what level of G-Bot you’re upgrading or breeding, how many times you have already done it, and other factors.

Regular token tournaments will only pay out OMP as rewards, while 1v1 matches and G-Bot Starter tournaments others will continue to pay out GMEE. This way, you can earn all the necessary tokens you need to strengthen your current G-Bots and add to your growing battalion.

We will outline the economy of the OMP token and the new G-Bot functionalities next week, so follow GAMEE here on Medium or subscribe to receive our stories by email and get the information as soon as it’s released.

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