Introducing the Arc8 League: Earn Rewards Worth $18,000 in Season 0

The first season of the Arc8 League (July 11-August 11) rewards the Arc8 community with gaming NFTs, GMEE, MATIC and USDT

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Arc8 League Season 0

Arc8’s first major upgrade of 2023 will go live on June 13th, and along with it comes the all-new Arc8 League launching on July 11.

This competitive web3 gaming zone is packed with huge daily token prizes and gaming NFT rewards, and your ticket to enter the inaugural season is one of just 555 Arc8 League Passes.

Sign up now for your chance to claim an exclusive Arc8 League Pass!

Unleash the Power of the Arc8 League

Arc8 has already revolutionized the way mobile games are played, offering a digital arcade of more than 10 thrilling games to compete in for real rewards.

The next step on the journey is the Arc8 League, the new home of blockchain gaming in Arc8 and an exclusive platform designed to bring our community together and reward your loyalty to Arc8. There are rewards available for everyone, so there’s no need to be a pro to grab a share for yourself!

The Arc8 League Pass

To participate in the Arc8 League, you’ll need an Arc8 League Pass. For the inaugural season of the league, Season 0, we are releasing a limited quantity of just 555 League Passes.

These passes grant you access to a realm of exhilarating challenges, epic battles, and a chance to claim your share of the incredible $18,000 prize pool. To secure your spot and be among the first to embark on this exciting journey, sign up for the Arc8 League Pass whitelist here. We’ll let you know by email if you’re one of the lucky ones!

All you’ll need to mint if you’re on the guaranteed whitelist is 1900 GMEE and a little MATIC for the gas fee!

Season 0 Rewards

There’s an amazing array of rewards up for grabs in Season 0 of the Arc8 League. The total prize pool amounts to a staggering $18,000, and here’s what you can win:

  1. $10,000 in MATIC, USDT, and GMEE
    These token prize pools are distributed in Daily Rounds, meaning that you don’t even have to play every day to earn your fair share of the tokens.
  2. 555 MATIC-themed G-Bot Starters
    This one’s easy. Get your hands on a limited-edition G-Bot Starter simply by playing at least one game in the first week!
  3. 555 Planet IX Starter Packs:
    Discover the many wonders of Planet IX with these incredible starter packs. All you need to do to claim one is mint the Arc8 League Pass and then claim your reward on the Planet IX website after July 18.
  4. 20 BoomLand Genesis Chests
    There are two ways to get your hands on these treasure troves:
    – 10 will be given in a draw to players who entered at least 10 games during the first 14 days of Season 0
    – 10 will be given to the top 10 players overall at the end of Season 0 (players who won the most trophies)
  5. 10 Mystery NFTs
    Play on at least 20 separate days during Season 0 to enter the draw for one of these 10 exclusive NFTs.
  6. A Mystery NFT
    Brace yourself for an incredible surprise with a one-of-a-kind mystery NFT that will be revealed soon!

This first season of the Arc8 League is all about coming together, fostering exciting competition, and celebrating the passion that fuels the Arc8 gaming universe. Season 0 is not driven by profit but rather by the desire to reward and engage with our dedicated players. We can’t wait to see you there!

Check out our FAQs for more details, and sign up to secure your spot on the whitelist today.

Let the games begin!

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