Arc8 Community Goals

2 min readSep 15, 2021

In all GAMEE products, the most important element is our community. In order to prepare for the launch of our skilled tournament Arc8 app, we have launched a network mining app.

In order to incentivize our users, we have set community goals so that every single user can play a role in the rewards for all the users.

During the 4 weeks, we are aiming to distribute a total of 2,000,000 GMEE tokens to our users. This will allow our players to play the premium experience in Arc8 and earn more GMEEs with their gaming skills.

As a user, there are three main elements dependant on the community goals:

  • Token Pool: the amount of GMEE tokens distributed in total
  • Cap per User: maximum amount of tokens a user can mine
  • Mining Rate: the number of tokens mined per hour

For this, we have staged the token pool with 3 userbase objectives with an initial token pool of 250,000 GMEE, a cap of 10 GMEE per user, and a mining rate of 0.04 GMEE/h. Once the user goal has been reached, the token pool and the token cap will be increased, while the mining rate will be decreased. These objectives are:

UPDATED: 24/09/2021


1st Goal — 100,000 users: token pool increased to 650,000 GMEE, user cap increased to 25 GMEE and mining rate halved to 0.02 GMEE/h.

2nd Goal — 500,000 users: token pool increased to 1,000,000 GMEE, user cap increased to 40 GMEE and mining rate reduced to 0.01 GMEE/h.

3rd Goal — 1,000,000 users: token pool increased to 2,000,000 GMEE, user cap increased to 50 GMEE and mining rate reduced to 0.001 GMEE/h.

After 4 weeks, users will get access to the beta version of Arc8 by priority. First users reaching the most tokens will get access on the first batches until Arc8 launches!

Users will have their tokens in their own Arc8 wallets and will be able to use them in the platform directly.

We will update this article as we reach the goals, so you can keep track of the progress on the launch of Arc8!

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