Manchester City is a new GAMEE collaborator!

2 min readApr 28, 2022


Our new game in collaboration with Manchester City Football Club has landed on the Arc8 gaming platform and it’s ready to kick off!

Does Manchester City really need an introduction? As one of the top clubs in the Premier League with seven League Championship titles, including five Premier League titles (2012, 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021), and six FA Cups under the belt and an ever-growing worldwide following, we believe not! But did you know it’s going big into eSports? After opening a dedicated division in 2016, the club reached strategic milestones partnering with FaZe Clan, establishing a Fortnite Battle Royale Team and becoming the FIFA 21 Premier League winner. In this achievement landscape, we are delighted to announce that GAMEE scores a decisive goal becoming the next partner of the club, launching Man City Striker 3D on the Arc8 app.

Manchester City and Animoca have been in partnership since December 2020 and this is the latest activation/collaboration together as the relationship develops.

The beauty of the game lies in its engaging simplicity, but it requires accuracy!

Players will be challenged to strike penalty kicks, but here’s the catch: scoring a goal against the goalkeeper is not the only objective — targets will have to be hit to get more points.

It’s time to challenge football enthusiasts across the world and beat their score.

  • 3 Penalty Attempts
  • 2 Targets to hit
  • 1 Goalkeeper to beat
  • ∞ Players to Challenge

Today, Man City Striker 3D game is available on Arc8 for all the players.
Can you handle the pressure?

Play ManCity Striker 3D here!

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