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What’s Arc8 — GMEE Community Network?

It’s an invite-only app where users can mine GMEE every day and practice their skills on the upcoming full Arc8 Experience.

What’s Arc8?

Arc8 is a competitive platform where players compete in gaming matches & tournaments, powered by the GMEE Token.

When is Arc8 launching?

The Network app will run until the 19th of October, and on the 26th of October, Arc8 will be live!

How can I access Arc8 — GMEE Community Network?

You can find referral codes in all our social channels, and in the app stores reviews. Or you can just use “arc8”, and you can get it :)

How can I find my referral code?

Your referral code can be found on the home screen under your mining session. Make sure to share it with your friends to increase your mining rate!

What’s a mining session?

During 24h, you will be mining GMEE at your current mining rate. This mining rate is tied to the community goals and is increased by every active member of your team.

Why my mining rate doesn’t correspond to my active friends?

The mining rate is updated at the moment when you click on the start mining button. We check how many friends were active (they were mining) during the last 24 hours and according to that we set the rate

How long can I mine for?

The app will be running for 4 weeks until the 19th of October. After that, the best miners will get early access to the full Arc8 App.

How much GMEE can I mine?

Depending on the community goals achieved, the number of GMEEs available, the mining rate, and the mining cap will be updated. You can check them below or in this article:

  • 100,000 users: Mining cap of 25GMEEs, and a base mining rate of 0.02 GMEE/h
  • 500,000 users: Mining cap of 40GMEEs, and a base mining rate of 0.01 GMEE/h
  • 1,000,000 users: Mining cap of 50GMEEs, and a base mining rate of 0.005 GMEE/h

Why is my mining rate lower than yesterday?

That’s probably because we reached another community milestone. The prize pool and the cap per user increased, but the mining rate goes down. Make sure that you follow our socials where we update the status every day!

What’s the mining cap?

The mining cap is the maximum amount of GMEE tokens that you can mine during the mining period.

What are you mining for?

You will be able to use these tokens to participate in matches and tournaments once Arc8 fully launches. By playing tournaments, you will be able to win more GMEEs and send them to your wallet.

Why are GMEEs been distributed?

To allow our players to join matches & tournaments on the Arc8 platform when it’s launched. This is the future of mobile blockchain esports, and we want our loyal users to be able to play right away.

When can I withdraw my tokens?

You will receive them on your Arc8 Wallet, and then you will be able to send them to your own blockchain wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 GMEEs.

Why should I invite friends?

The more friends you invite the faster you will mine (20% extra). Also, once the mining ends, for the first GMEE top-up your friend does, you’ll receive more GMEEs!

Can I earn more GMEE when mining ends?

Yes, but not through mining. Mining is a time-limited event running till October 19th. After that, players can win GMEEs by winning matches & tournaments on Arc8

What happens when the mining ends?

Mining will end on the 19th of October. A week later, we will update the app to the full version of Arc8 and your mined tokens will be transferred to your Arc8 Wallet.

What’s my Arc8 Wallet?

Here you can check your current GMEE tokens, top-up and send your GMEE tokens to your own wallet. Your wallet will be unlocked on 26th October, when Arc8 is released.

What’s Pixel Mining?

Pixel Mining is one of the multiple new games that will be available in the full Arc8 app. You can start training so you succeed in our tournaments and 1v1 battles for the highest score.

Can I change my referral code?

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

Why can’t I log in?

We are aware that some users cannot log in to Arc8. This is because we cannot provide support to older versions of Android than 7.1. We need to ensure we provide the optimal experience for our users, and this means sticking to the versions that can ensure that.

Stay tuned!

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