Mountains of GMEE: G-Bot Rewards in Season 6

Millions of GMEE tokens are coming your way in Arc8’s G-Bot tournaments from December 1

You can upgrade them. You can breed them. And now you can earn your share of over 2,000,000 GMEE with them! With record high prize pools, Season 6 means G-Bots are more valuable assets than ever before. And it’s all thanks to you, the G-Bot community.

Owing to the number of gameplays in G-Bot exclusive games — coupled with the GMEE spent breeding your very own G-Bot NFTs and boosting their stats with upgrades — we accumulated over 1 million GMEE. Are we keeping it? Nope! It all goes straight back into the prize pool for Season 6.

But that’s not all. As promised, we are matching that figure 100%, meaning there’s a total of 2 million GMEE up for grabs — worth over 19,000 USD!

Here’s how it will be split:

  • 3 Master Tournaments: 3 x 50k GMEE
  • Season Finale: 250k GMEE
  • Tournaments: 1.4 million GMEE

If you want your share of this massive 2,000,000 GMEE prize pool, it couldn’t be any simpler. All you need is a G-Bot, a phone, and the Arc8 app. Really, that’s it! (It also helps if you don’t completely suck at games…)

Why get a G-Bot?

You get a whole host of incredible functionalities, a game asset that is truly yours, and of the chance to earn tokens by playing exclusive games in the Arc8 app. You can also chat, debate, and enjoy a good ol’ classic Internet fight with other G-Bot owners on private channels on our Discord.

To put it another way, owning a G-Bot is like owning a cat — if your cat could be used to fight other cats and earn you money. And didn’t need to eat. And was a robot.

OK, so maybe it’s not exactly like owning a cat, but the point is that you own it. It’s yours to do with as you wish. Upgrade it using the tokens you earn in G-Bot gaming tournaments and head-to-head battles, breed it with another G-Bot (or more!) to create brand new G-Bots, or simply sell it if you have had your fill of gaming tournaments — or if you’ve bred a better G-Bot to battle with.

Take a look at this handy guide to getting a G-Bot below, then head on over to OpenSea to browse for a G-Bot that works for you. And, if you’re still not convinced, then here’s an article that might change your mind — Better than Having a Kid: 5 Reasons Why You Need a G-Bot.

How to get your own G-Bot NFT

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GAMEE is a the studio behind the Arc8 blockchain gaming platform, where players compete in tournaments and earn rewards.

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GAMEE is a the studio behind the Arc8 blockchain gaming platform, where players compete in tournaments and earn rewards.