For the second year in a row, GAMEE and NASA collaborated to make a game to celebrate the anniversary of NASA’s longest mission. Voyager one was launched on September 5, 1977 as a part of the Voyager Program.

Together with Voyager 2 (launched 16 days before), they were sent to study the outer Solar System. Today, September 5, 2017, we are celebrating its 40th anniversary with this great game filled with facts about the mission. 💡

Level Select Screen 🌌

As we previously did with the successful Mars Rover game, we are allowing our users to follow the path set by the Voyager 1.

Complete every mission to unlock the next ones. Avoid asteroids ☄, scan the surface of the specific planets to get all the information and send it back to Earth! 🌍

There are a total of 9 levels available and we will be releasing 15 more in the following weeks. 🌚 🌝

Since GAMEE does not only aim to entertain our audience, we are also providing interesting facts about the planets in every level. The farther you get, the more you will know about the different planets. Did you know:

Moon Level 🌕

Voyager 1’s power supply is expected to last until 2025! Until then, it will continue periodically sending information back to Earth about its findings. We will keep collaborating with NASA to bring you the most fun and interesting gaming experience!

Play it !

Venus Mission

GAMEE is a high-engagement gaming platform, where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments and earn prizes.

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