Our second staking event has ended but…!

Our Second Staking Event has just finished with over 23K LP tokens staked on our website! From the 8th of July, people have been staking their tokens on our website and earning GMEE rewards!

Stakers are able to claim their GMEE token rewards but there are many reasons to keep them staked just a little longer…

September will be a great month for GAMEE and our community! Not only we’ll launch a new staking event! We will release the early access for our brand new app, where you will be able to play and earn GMEE tokens!

LP tokens staked will resume earning GMEE rewards, so save up the transactions fees and get ready for the next event coming in the following weeks!

Stake your LPs now at staking.gamee.com

If you’d like to know how to stake and earn GMEE tokens just by chilling, here’s a full guide on how to stake:


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