Rarity Tournaments and 1v1 Battles — G-Bot Update Announcement

  • After qualification, you will see five tournaments running at once — one for each level of rarity. If you have five G-Bots of different rarities, you can enter every tournament. However, you can only enter each tournament with one G-Bot.
  • Lower rarity G-Bots will only be paired against other G-Bots, which means players who struggled to get anywhere in tournaments will now have a far better chance of placing higher, as game skill is much more of a deciding factor.
  • Higher level, rarer G-Bots will be able to take on the best of the best and prove once and for all who the greatest players are. And, since there aren’t as many high-level G-Bots, you will be competing against fewer opponents and can get a much bigger slice of the rewards!
  • This new approach to tournaments will run for at least 7 days and then we will make a decision on whether to continue with it. Join our Discord and let us know what you think about these changes!
  • Like all other 1v1 games on Arc8, these matches will be rank-based. You will be matched with another player according to your rank, which fluctuates based on your results. Everything you ever wanted to know about ranking and matchmaking can be found here.
  • You will have to complete qualification matches beforehand, as with all other games on Arc8. As you rank up, you will be able to compete in increasingly higher tiers of competition with higher GMEE entry fees and rewards, starting with Bronze level.
  • Rarity and stats play no role. You can choose whichever G-Bot you want to battle with, but both G-Bots in the battle will be given the same high stats. That means the result comes down exclusively to player skill — it’s time to find out who the real champions are, and whether it’s you or your amazing G-Bot that has been killing it in tournaments. ;)

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