Sail the Solitaire Seas and Win A Playable Pirate Solitaire G-Bot Starter in Arc8

2 min readAug 30, 2022


Accumulate a total score of 500,000 in Arc8’s Pirate Solitaire between Sept 1–6

Arrrrr, here be an etching of this fine marauder!

Ahoy there, shipmates! Raise the mainsail, sharpen your cutlass and ready the cannons — it’s time to battle for a limited-edition Pirate Solitaire G-Bot Starter NFT. ARRR!

From September 1st-6th, Arc8 players can polish their (card) decks and take part in the cut-throat game of Pirate Solitaire for a treasure you’ll find on no map. The bounty on offer is priceless — one of forty of these fine Pirate Solitaire G-Bot Starters. ARRRRRR!

Build a total score of at least 500,000 points in Pirate Solitaire token matches to qualify for the draw.

For the most ruthless, saltiest and bravest seadogs among ye, there’ll be no need to enter the draw. Aye aye, that’s right, me hearties — the top 10 players who get the highest total score will automatically receive a Pirate Solitaire G-Bot Starter. The other 30 will be given away in the draw to those scallywags that only reach the qualification score.

And if ye don’t reach the qualification score at all? ARRR! You’ll walk the plank — shark bait, the lot of you!

I suppose some of you scurvy landlubbers might be wondering why ye be needing a G-Bot Starter at all?

Well, these G-Bot Starters will let you play extra games in Arc8 — so ye can compete for even more treasure! And they’re yours to own — keep ’em locked in your chest or trade ’em at the next port! This parchment will explain it better than a crusty old seadog like me.

And if ye haven’t played Arc8 yet, then sink me — what are you waiting for? There’s battles to be won, plunder to be had, and… OK, I’m running out of pirate references now. But really, give it a go — it’s a great app full of high-quality games and there are no ads. You can earn various tokens. You’ll really like it.

Download it for Android and iOS here. Enjoy!

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