DARK LORDS — The First G-Bots Game on Arc8

2 min readDec 1, 2021

G-Bots are coming ready to join the fight! Right after unpacking, you will be able to get your G-Bot on your Arc8 account and join exclusive tournaments on Sky Lords with large GMEE Prize Pools!

As the first utility of the G-Bots, Sky Lords is only playable if you own a G-Bot on your Arc8 wallet. By owning a G-Bot, you get access to the exclusive section inside Arc8. Here you will find tournaments with high GMEE prize pools every day.

The first G-Bot minigame is Sky Lords, where you will have to clear waves of enemies with your spaceship! Your G-Bot will grant power to your spaceship depending on its rarity and overall stats, but don’t get too cocky! Your skill is what matters the most here, so you better train well to collect those GMEEs!

After the unpacking on Jan 6th, unleash your G-Bot and head over to Arc8 to compete! There will be over 225.000 GMEEs up for grabs in prize pools for the Sky Lords tournaments during the pre-season! Compete daily, and get your hands on big sums of tokens!

How to Get a G-Bot?

Once you get a pack, you can open it after Jan 6th!


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