Three Ways to Unleash the Power of Your Beastie in Arc8

3 min readOct 25, 2023

Ever wondered about the cuddly companions you’ve been nurturing in the Arc8 app? Let’s take a look at what they can do for you…

Beasties in Arc8

From Humble Egg to Fearsome Beast

In the beginning, every Arc8 player starts with an egg. Your mission? Nurture it with food earned by winning games.

As it munches away, it grows and evolves into a Beastie, gaining new parts, colors and props with every step. Continue this gourmet journey and reach max level to mint it into a magnificent Beast NFT — all for free!

With the metamorphosis complete, your Beast NFT isn’t just a pet. It’s now packed with in-app utilities that enhance your Arc8 gaming experience.

Let’s take a look at the three things your Beast can do for you:

🍀 Luck Mining Bonus

You’ve heard of mining gold, coal, and diamonds. Well, in a feature going live today in Arc8, your Beasts mine Luck!

Each Beastie and Beast has its own Luck multiplier, which increases as it evolves. You always need one Beastie available for gaming, but any extra ones lounging around can embark on a mining expedition.

The greater the multiplier, the more Luck they mine. Your mined Luck opens doors to ‘Lucky Events.’ Here, spend your Luck to win coins, food, Energy, and even tokens, such as our native GMEE or occasionally those from our partners.

Learn more about how Luck and mining work on our wiki.

🎮 GameFest Bonus

The Arc8 GameFest, coming this November with a magnificent $120,000 prize pool, isn’t just about your gaming prowess. Your Beasts play a pivotal role.

Every day, half of the prize pool is divided equally among the top 20% of players. But here’s the kicker: the other half is distributed to the winners based on their Beasts’ multiplier (known as the “Arc8 League Bonus” in-app).

And it doesn’t count just one Beast — your most powerful ten Beasts are taken into account. So, the more Beasts you have, especially those with higher multipliers, the fatter your slice of the prize pie.

⚡ Daily Energy

Energy is all you need to attempt Streaks in Arc8, which is how you get rewards, level up and enter higher leagues with bigger prizes. One Streak = one Energy.

Different Beasts come with varying Energy levels, from a minimum of 3 to a mighty 8. If one Beast tires, switch to another with more Energy, allowing you to continue playing competitive matches.

However, remember, it’s not accumulative; you can only embark on as many Streaks as your Beast with the highest amount of Energy has.

So, Why Max Out or Buy a Beast NFT?

The answer is simple: Utility. Whether you’re mining Luck, playing for bigger token rewards in GameFest, or ensuring you have enough Energy to play competitive games, your Beast NFT is an essential ally. And, as the Arc8 universe expands, who knows what other powers these Beasts will unlock?

So, if you haven’t already, download Arc8 and max out your Beastie — or consider adopting some from OpenSea. They’re not just adorable companions; they’re your ticket to an even better Arc8 experience.

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