Time to Get Your Cube On — Win a Qube 2048 G-Bot Starter in Arc8

2 min readOct 11, 2022


Love cubes? Then compete to win the most cubetastic prize of all time!

From the humble dice to the undying friendship offered by Portal’s Companion Cube, cubes have long been an integral part of gaming culture. Where would we be without our cuboid friends, our little box buddies, our chunky squares of joy?

As a tribute to everybody’s favorite 3D shape, we at the GAMEE studio created Qube 2048 for the Arc8 app. Not settling for just one cube, we decided to make a game full to the brim with cubes — some might say too many — to deliver the ultimate cube experience. And now, just when you thought “surely it can’t get any cubier than this!?”, we bring you the Qube 2048 G-Bot Starter.

That’s right. The embodiment of the cubiest game of all time (and therefore objectively the best) the Qube 2048 G-Bot Starter could be yours to own this October. These stunning and fearsome mechanoids grant players access to exclusive G-Bot games in the Arc8 app, and they’re yours to own, do battle with, or even sell. This is great news, as you’ll probably need a break from all the cubes after this.

How do you get one? Well, how else? Play Qube 2048! Blast cubes left, right and center. Blast cubes in the morning, blast cubes through the night. As Confucius once said — to defeat the cube, one must become the cube.

For those of you who like specific details rather than made-up quotes, you need to rack up a total score of 12,500,000 points in token matches and tournaments between October 13 — October 17 (1pm UTC).

There are 70 G-Bot Starters to give away, and the distribution looks a little something like this. Well, actually, it looks exactly like this.

  • Cube Masters — No draw, no drama, just you and your freshly minted G-Bot Starter! If you’re in the top scoring 20 players overall, you will automatically win a Qube 2048 G-Bot Starter. You will also win the respect of cube fans around the world — that’s 7 billion people.
  • Cube Acolytes — The power of the cube is strong within you, but you’re not yet a true master. If you reach the qualification score of 12,500,000, you will be entered into a draw to win one of 50 Qube 2048 G-Bot Starters.

You can keep track of your progress on the Qube 2048 screen in the Arc8 app.

Go ahead, don’t be a square — download Arc8 right now for iOS and Android and master the art of the cube.

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